Dont abaoundon Acholi community Todwong ,because of your weakness,ingic


The most concluded Museveni two days tour in Acholi Sub Region made tangible improvement on accountability in the Parish Development Model PDM, exposed civil servants leaders as the community told President Museveni in their faces, how bad PDM is being handled on the grassroots level.

President Museveni during his address at Kaunda bomah Ground in Gulu City on Friday afternoon, in the middle of his address asked people to tell him how PDM is working at the grassroots village level.

All callers speak in one voice to condemn civil servants’ corrupt attitude and way of handling PDM money which they have not received three months down the road, especially those who had planned to buy produce.

President Museveni promised thousands who were hearing his message allover Acholi Sub Region that he will follow the matter very well, which means heads will roll.

Although he reacted to stop, the cabinet paper position presented by Robina Nabanja on Feb, 15,292, the three months Ultimatum eviction order for the people of Apaa 40,000 community to leave their homestead. Saying that independent Judiciary Commission headed by Chief Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi.

But, the issue of Gulu Airport was missing from the agenda. This is purely under the docket of Richard Todwong who seems to be that is weakness, although SG in any ruling government the position is second to president.

Other SG, Todwong weakness, he has abandoned the media at last munities,run away from the media, where they face oyengyeng instead.


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