Ms. Maria Shaka Lapolo who is one of the proud Onion and Cassava farmers in Lakwatiome, Lakwaya Sub County in Omoro District after her first attempt to seeks for votes in 2016 for Women MP Omoro District Polls, now she turned to support local women from the grassroots in farming.


OMORO-UGANDA:  The community of Lakwatiome Lakwaya Sub- County are reaping the fruit of educating girl child.

Little did the people of Lakwatiome knew that one day Onion farming will be introduced to them. As they would buy Onion  mostly from the retailer shops or they would wait for the big market day to get such.

Maria Shaka Lapolo said in 2018, she opened  10 acres of Onion and 60 acres of Cassava as the pilot farming to help the community revitalize Agriculture , she proudly urged .

onion in store
Photo of Lapolo’s Onions harvested ready for sale

“I realized that my community  are living in object poverty, women work hard to till the garden with the used hoes. So I decided to introduce inter cropping beside my 60 acres of Cassava.” Ms. Lapolo said.

She has helped vulnerable women who are in their late 50’s to practice inter cropping, growing crops like Beans ,Maize,Simsims and Soya Beans because they where not able to open new fields.

Lapolo narrates that she is also  giving youth opportunities in terms of   employment, she is paying UGX 80,000 per acre and much more for boys who are staying in Gulu town for  UGX 100,000 as an incentives to motivate them.

“This year 2019, although the weather affected and disappointed many farmers, the onset rainfall should have been in the late March, but with global climatic change, the rain came very late in early May.” Lapolo lamented.

She added that there has been good production in Onion; she got 200 tones from the 10 acres of Onions. Later she has to take it to South Sudan Juba City for sale for higher prices. Lapolo disclosed.

A kilo of Onion goes for about 5 USA dollar In Juba, that is about  UGX 19,000 which made her  got a return of  UGX 380 million from the Onions sales, she is also expecting to ripe big from the 16 acres of Cassava.

cassava gadern
Lapolo in her Cassava Garden .









That is credible story of one lady from politics in to farming and making her dreams true.




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