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Uganda government joined global to block fake visas scam


Millions of travelers across the globe have been conned of fake traveler’s website scams visas, Uganda is not spared by the conmen.

KAMPALA CITY-MONDAY, Jan 27,2023. Unfortunately, in the past few years copycat websites have been on the rise, millions of people have been duped of millions dollars acquiring fake visas.

According to sources who have been duped reveals that Uganda visas website also has been named among the companies that has been operating to be involved in the visa scam. Sources say this has forced the government of Uganda to warn visa operations to stop the deals.

“The site may even make people pay for necessary sources that are typically free for the government, to identify the fake website of such a duped visa, you note at the end of the website address should also be official with Uganda addresses. But another way to spot a fake government website is to see what the website address ends in such as “gor or org.” source warned.

Source adds, the fake website government of Uganda which has already warned travelers against a scam website begin like this, index which they said fraudulently claims to be application portal for electronic visa (e-visa) to Uganda and change unsuspecting application may beyond the official fees changed on official government e-visa portal.

Oyengyeng News Correspondent on foreign regions has learned that the Uganda Embassy in Berlin send warning, on behalf of the ministry of Internal Affairs, Directorate of Citizenship and immigration Control, Informs the general public and its esteemed clients that the official electronic visa application portal for the public of Uganda is Source intimated.

“The Embassy take this opportunity to warn its esteemed clients of the existence of scam site which either change clients exist or belittle or defraud them totally, the official portal for visas to the republic of Uganda ( provides arrange of services including issuance of all types of visas to Uganda work permits, certificates of permanent residence students pass and dependents, passes at official and official passport processes and dependents passes at official fees.

The official fees for visas to Uganda are as follows:

Diplomatic visa (for Diplomatic and official passport holder) USD. 50

Uganda ordinary tourist visa USD.50, East Africa tourist USD. 50, Transit visa, USD. 50, Multiple-Entry visa USD. 50, Multiple-Entry visa for six month USD.100, Multiple-Entry visa for twelve months USD. 100. Multiple-Entry visa for 24 months USD 150.

The following sites are unofficial and are being used f0r changed travelers extremely high fees of conning them of their money for the services offered by the ministry of Internal Affairs (Directorate of Citizenship and immigration Control) without its authorization.

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