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Farming the dialogue


Uganda is worshipping capitalism “money economy” to the disadvantages of social evil of Homosexuality and Lesbianism that is now a cannon fodder to the extension of western globalization capitalism.

Farming the dialogue

GULU CITY-THURSDAY. April 6, 2023.  Brian Kagoro, the predictor of the paradox of alien knowledge, narrative and praxis: transitional justice and the politics in Africa says the post-conflict reconstruction- and by parity of reason, transitional justice requires that one of the core objectives be the establishment of capable democratic developmental state and an active and informed citizenry.

He argues that African transitional justice should adopt an expensive view of justice, democracy and development. It should not be an end in itself, but a means of building the capacity of the state to provide basic goods to its citizens, provide social security, universal social protection and facilitate inclusive wealth creation.

“African requires transitional justice processes that are both developmental and inclusive. A capable, democratic developmental state necessary in order to address the economic, social and institutional deficits faced by many post-conflict countries. The objective of creating competent administrative apparatus within the state depends on the willingness of political leaders to ensure that necessary resources and deployed and appropriate policy programmes are developed and implemented.” Brian Kagoro insisted in his writing where law meets reality page 11

In conclusion, Brian Kagoro outlined that it implied this is the political will to forge programmatic and reciprocal relationships with voluntary associations of citizens such as trade unions, businesses, faith based institutions, civil society and others.

Those efforts should be predicted on a functional, constitutional, democratic and accountable governance architecture.

Opira Santo, a businessman in Gulu City also appeals to Uganda in quest of Brian Kagoro demand, observed that the economic system of the capitalism which has been embraced by Uganda economy it has it good and social evil, the system badness is that Ugandans have no control of it capitals economist, it is “Hurricane” when it passes in your area it will destroyed all humanity.

The most affected victims of a capitalist’s economy are the religious belief, and cultural belief.

Secondly, it dismantles any traditional cultural norms, it changes all the factors of cultural belief in a particular country.

“The economic capitalist will change everything that have been used for money”

When economic capital affected the socio-cultural which is the platform of this capital distraction says people called it money which means we are going to lose our dignity for money,

our human rights are given to alter for money,

child scarify the altar is now for money,

the corpse will be converted to the altar for money,

Our food, the traditional dishes and the altar is for money.

Our community has now abandoned traditional food “Kwon kal” millet bread. Children now say it is dirty because of its blackness to the extent that they enjoyed western food which is at the long end they suffer from cancer.

Our black Gold called Simsim, “olel” smoke meat, have been shunted by our children

Onyobo Lapena, or Ngor Luo the traditional meals of cow pieces have been neglected by the younger generation.

Moo Kic, honey which is part of tradition remedy have now been pushed aside to the loved of sugar, the end result id Diabase and high pension

Acholi children, because of modernity, now disowned “Dek Boo” green vegetable, they say it causes stomach pain.

Our languages are now the altar of alien languages, our land system is now the altar of money, and have become commodities like mangoes, tomatoes, soybeans, G-Nut being sold on the road side.

Our young girl’s prostitution now trading their body for UXG 2,000 at the altar for money.

Relationships now at the altar of money, many spouses break up their relationship at the altar for money.

Marriage is now the contract because of the altar for money.

Opira reasoned that with the capital economy, Ugandans is now “worshipping money”, with now homosexuality and lesbianism fighting it has become impossible since our girls and wives who have been trading on monetary values of UGX 2,000 if such destitute prostitutes have been offered UGX 50,000, they will be attempted and lured to welcome the sexual immorality of the western world.

Opira decries, says in a nut-shell with money any things turn to gold, all our dignity has gone to the dog, expectation relies on the extraction of natural resources which is called endless growth, which we are witnessing, but the end result is now being witnessed in climatic global warming.

The effectiveness of capitalism is now affecting political democratization processes where in every election taking place, we are electing money not political maturation, people are electing money not material goods.

The financial services, which our community have endowed have caused us the downfall of humanity, we have abandoned the traditional marriage for the western cultural marriage, we have turned down our traditions of sending off the loved one, when we lose relatives, brothers, in-law, sister in-law, uncle grandfather of mama we say this is the last funeral rite, God forbid, Opira decries


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