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State Minister for Northern Uganda, Grace Freedom Kwecwiny, she is implementing Presidential Directive order no.3, to evict Balaalo from Northern Uganda


Betty Ocwee, the most wanted Balaalo must go social activist, heading the Balaalo forceful eviction from Acholi Sub Region has been taken to Gulu City Main Prison
GULU CITY-FRIDAY December 8, 2023

Gulu Chief Magistrate Said Barigye on Thursday, December 7,2023 charged Betty Ocwee and other three for Malleolus damage and criminal trespass, remanded them to Gulu City government main prison.
Betty Ocwee, Francis Okello and three whose name was not disclosed by press time were arrested on November 22, this year and they got police bail on November 27, 2023.

Ocwee Okello Francis they were arrested by UPDF soldiers and taken to Gulu UPDF4th Division barrack, where they spent the night and later on were taken to Burcoro Central Police Station in Gulu district, later on they were brought to Gulu High Court Circuit.

However, Betty Ocwee and the four others were wished away to Lacor Hospital 8 kilometers out of Gulu City outskirt. When Gilbert Olanya, the MP for Kilak South MP, Betty Aol Ocan, the MP for Gulu City women MP, Okot Amos, the MP for Agago North and Simon Wokorach, the MP for Aswa county MP learned about that they were taken to Lacor Hospital Police Post, they went and demonstrated that unless the Betty Ocwee and her team must be release from police custody because they have in the police cell illegally.

They got Police bond at 10.30 PM, that night, immodestly she was taken and admitted to Lacor Hospital as she collapsed, since then Batty Ocwee was reporting to Gulu Central Police Station.

Grace Freedom Kwecwiny, Northern Uganda State Minister on Monday December 4, 2023 during a media press conference in the Office of Prime Minister, in Gulu City warns that those people who have been arrested on criminal trespass and malleolus damage, they have to face court of law.

“The people who have been arrested breaking law on Balaalo must face law, the Balaalo must be evicted follow, President Museveni Presidential Executive Order No. 3, but the UPDF and Residence Districts Commissioners of respective districts where Balaalo are and District Chairman, local leaders must reinforce eviction order.” The Minister warns.

Grace Freedom Kwecwiny says the Balaalo who have been evicted and they are in Kona Adeya in Palaro Sub County in Gulu District with 370 animals, the government will facilitate their movement with transport.
Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo Cigamoi who addressed Northern Uganda Media Club, Numec in Teleconference together with Prof. Dr. Amb. Olara Otunnu disclosed that President Museveni wrote a letter ordering the Balaalo who failed to follow Presidential Order No. 3 their animals will be sold, action and the money sold will be used to construct the schools in the affected areas.

“I just received President Museveni’s directive letter, directing me that all Balaalo cattle must be evicted from Northern Uganda, Acholi Sub Region, West Nile, and Lango Sub. The copies of presidential directive are address and copies, Uganda Army Commander, all the District Chairman, Residences District Commissioners, Local Leaders to follow up the eviction.” Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi reasoned.

But, on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. When the Acholi Parliamentary Group APG, Anthony Akol, went with a team of Legislators Betty Aol. Ocan, Okin PP, Okot Amos, Santa Okot, Lucy Akello, Dennis Olekalit Amere, Okot Geoffrey Kom lok, Peter Okot. When they went to follow up Balaalo eviction from Palaro Sub County,  Kona Adeye they failed to evict Balaalo.

Anthony Akol and those MPs got shocked when they found Balaalo cattle were surrounded by UPDF soldiers, and pro Balaalo must stay, those who called themselves landlords who claimed to have sold land to the Balaalo.
On Wednesday, December 8, 2023. The same Members of Acholi Parliamentary Group APG, went on a mission to evict Balaalo from Amuru district, in Lakang village, at Madivani Sugar Cane work 40,000 acres where Uganda government claimed that that is the government land.

On reaching Lakang village, Anthony Akol got the Balaalo animals less than 100 cattle, and yet Grace Freedom Kwecwiny, the state minister for Northern Uganda disclosed during Monday Press conference in OPM, Gulu City Office that there over 800 cattle both in Palaro Sub County in Gulu District and Lakang village in Amuru ready to be transported.

Anthony Akol, says his teams of 11 MPs from Acholi Sub Region were told by Gulu UPDF4 Division Commander, Brig. General Kabanda that UPDF have not yet received money meant for operation to evict Balaalo, and in addition there is no accessibility of road to transport the animals who are at Lakang Village holding ground.
The MP, Akol also says they have learned that the community in Lakang they are shielding the Balaalo, for example, they got a teenage boy who claimed that he has 60 cattle, and there some older women who also claimed that she has over 100 cattle.

Dr. Olara Otunnu and Justice Owiny Dollo named Acholi Prophet, dismisses Balaalo saga in Acholi Sub Region.
Amb. Dr. Olara Otunnu, the former UN Under Secretary for Children Affairs who appeared together with Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi to address Northern Uganda Media Club downplay the Balaalo present in Acholi Sub Region.

Dr. Olara Otunnu, main address was about the Kacoke me Roco Paco Pa Acholi, the meeting called and is being organize by Wang OO group, says Acholi community, both from within Uganda and living in diaspora will meet on December 27 to December 29, 2023.

Dr. Olara Otunnu reasoned that the main Kacoke pa Acholi is to discuss a strategic plan on how to revamp broken Acholi Traditional Cultural decadent. Because the Acholi community which was second to East Mango at the advent of the 1950s in terms of education is now the poorest in education of all tribes in Uganda.
“I don’t think that the Balaalo issues are very significant to Acholi discussion, because the Balaalo is a creation of the Uganda government, for how long are we going to discuss the issues of Balaalo. Today is Balaalo phase one, tomorrow will be Balaalo phase two and the next will be Balaalo phase four. The Acholi community will not waste their time.

We need to pull our people from the deep hole where we are, today the Acholi community, which leads in all sectors in Uganda, faces extinction.” Dr. Olara Otunnu echoed.
Justice Owiny-Dollo Cigamoi, in his address to both Acholi within Uganda and those who based in diaspora, appealed to them to contribute UGX 150 million to allow the Acholi Roco Paco to take place on the scheduled day December 27-29, 2023.

“I don’t think that the Balaalo will be our main agenda, because in February this year when me and Dr. Olara Otunnu called zoomed meeting at my place in Kampala, we have realized that we still have the Acholi of the past, all Acholi from all work of life contributed real issues that we have realized 18 programs that including broken traditional culture that we need to revived. My appeals are that if the 2.6 million of Acholi could contribute UGX 1,000 each, we could raise UGX 600 billion.

Ms. Orang based in the United Kingdom, she appeals to both Prof. Olara Otunnu and Justice Owiny Dollo to open channels for the Acholi community living in diaspora to contribute to Pong Dwongo Kacoke.
She decries the deplorable situation at home, including the Balaalo, says for those who went 30 years living in diaspora, this is the time for them to come back home.
“I wish the organizer can give us the contact, those of us who live outside the country so that we can raise some dollars and pound.”

Rev. Father Monsignor Mathew Odongo, Gulu Arc Catholic Dioceses who spokes on behalf of ArchBishop Baptist John Odama, named Dr. Olara Otunnu and Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi that they are prophet sent by God to take Acholi community out of bandage of the current situation when Acholi are living in the depth of the hole.

“Let the two sons of Acholi Dr. Olara Otunnu and Justice Owiny Dollo speaks for us, they have been sent by God, you remembered when the children of Israeli were in exile in Babylonia Prophet Jeremiah and Daniel was sent by God to talk to the Israeli, this the time for us to listen to them.”

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