Editoral, know your audeiance and be friendly to them.

I have received your response to the information I have penned down in what you say ‘’Dubbed Omoro WE WANT’’
And you open the Heaven down. Why do you attack the envoi?
You alluded that you decided not to response to my message because it carried very little impact in the current politics of OMORO AS WELL AS THE COUNTRY.
OMORO-UGANDA: Eng. Olal Obong one of the Omoro Legislative Aspirant in private mail attack the Editor of Oyeng Yeng News calling him a destitute wondering in Gulu City has little impact in Omoro and the Country, here below the editor of Oyeng Yeng fire back.
Eng. Olal, you know very well that I have been in the face of political struggle in the country, Acholi and Omoro or name it Puranga community since you were toddler, and yet now you says I have nothing to offer, I ‘m just loiter in Gulu. It sounds as if you are talking to primary kids.
We like your courageous way, but don’t attack the messenger.
You make innuendos that in your quote ‘’Now there is rush to go in politics, because there is quick money through conning and looting society the way Olal and Co are doing.’’ Are you not among the politicians campaigning for votes in Omoro?
First of all, you are a politician and you deserve to be associated to past messes of any elected leaders, because what we have seen in the current regime, all the so called elected ‘’MP’S’’ they have turned themselves to looting from the public copper, so you cannot be out of that partially, in every election the elect MPs especially male MPs they called Women MPs that they are new bail, because what they see from them is only sexual matter.
Before you condemn Jacob Oulanyah and others MPs under the current Kampala regime, first tell me that because Otto Odonga, Okin PP, Akol Anthony and Prof. Ogenga Latigo they have improved the lives of their electorates that now they have water pipes, every households has solar panels, water irrigation and SAACO banking people are getting money to pay school fees, or they have developed their areas that now University loan education are now in every household.
Don’t run, stop provoking me….
Firstly, you said you have served government for 21 years, you have left university at level of Assistance Commissioner, there is no time or single person accused you for fraud or… government civil servant do not have private construction like what you did, that is why you’re running away from that job?
Omoro or Puranga …. we have a number of high learned who told you that I am not one of them, if I am to go to school, will come and inform you that Sior ….
You talk that your wat to come and provide batter leadership, what kind of leadership, the AOL community has been surrendered to dog?
‘’Man Okeya, Nera’’ (sic) please don’t try to swim in a dipper sea, remain in the River Odek where you can play village politics of rule and divide. you are one of the leaders in AOL community, if you have failed AOL then what about Omoro?
Thirdly, you want to provide batter leadership, under which regime, the MU7 regime, ‘’go and hang.’’
Tell me, is there any MP who has developed in this NRM regime, even Hon. Oryem Okello, Hon. Onek Hilary and Hon. Betty Amongi has nothing to shows in term of development. Don’t try to confuse elite, try your nonsense elsewhere not in politics.
Fourthly, Yes. I know you are earning good salary because you have been dealing in private business outside government prescribe job, Engineering department has money, indeed true that you don’t know what to do with it. Being head of procurement you were able to do shoddy works.
Do know anything in regards to Layibi Health Center III and Koch LII Health Center III, are you aware that the construction was under your docket? Or your company you have awarded it.
I am a product of SWASA, I know politics is management of society, and …… I don’t have influence in Omoro politics do you have the yard stick for that, do you own a media house?
My advices to the politicians including you. What is politics, political situation that led to the abuses, the colonial history and the conflicts that matured into civil war. The allowed the famine to developed. All these are irrelevant from the perspective of the moralist.
For the Kantian deontologist, the moral attitude should not be contaminated by the specific of the situation, moral action is a disinterested response to the demands of other the law.
Moral duty is addressed first and foremost towards the actor and his rational commitment to morality and only secondarily toward the other, the target of its action. But as Alasdair McIntyre objected.
Action and morally is not acting as Kant thought against inclination, its to act from inclination formed by the cultivation of virtue. Moral education is an education sentimentale.
Thus, which however, unlike Rory’s respect local communities and discovers in them the sources of virtue. Human rights moralism on the other hand, has it both ways.
Following Kantian absolutism, it claims that acts are or wrong, no grey zones exist, there are yes and no answers to every ethical dilemma, paying too much attention to past events, to local politics and cultural sensitivities risks conceding principle to calculation and compromise. At the same time, pragmatic humanitarian follows the contradiction allows it proponents to attack perceived evil in the most uncompromising moral terms while doing deals with the devil.

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