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“Who is Rebecca Kadega Alitwala, and Busuga Sub Region in Uganda politics” Museveni suspended Speaker campaign in favor of Jacob Oulanyah.

KAMPALA-UGANDA: The writing is on the wall, as the curtain fall on the confine of the Kadaga speakership, as Uganda dictator Museveni lean toward the Omoro County MP, Jacob Oulanyah aka Lanywen.

A week ago, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadega during her luncheon of the Speakership at Hotel Africana in Kampala she was most heartbeat sure to win the race for speakership, however, just hardly with the splash of a second when Museveni made the pronouncement put hold on, her future look bleak.

Political pundits in the region argues that the current Speaker Rebecca Kadaga never learned from the former Uganda Vice President Specioze Kazibwe, when the win of changed was sweeping from Busoga to Buganda region. Uganda dictator Museveni had wanted to consolidate his reign of power and legitimize is tyranny regime, he wanted Buganda region more that the Eastern Uganda votes after the former Speaker of Parliament James Francis Wapakabulo exist.

Right from 1994 until 2003, Busoga region has been in kitchen cabinets, Specioza Kazibwe served as Uganda Vice President and as Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Kazibwe has been an advocate for women in her position in Africa, pushing even the position Kadaga still holding.

Who is who in Busoga Sub Region, and why they have been very focal point in Uganda politics, Victoria Ssekitoleko, right from 1986 was appointed Agriculture Minister until she resigned her post and later she was posted to take up a job with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as a representative

However, a moment of truth that the Oyeng Yeng News desk want to bring to light so our beloved Speaker Kadaga should be reminded or know, in that fateful night, I could still remembered now it was Wednesday 2003 when the VIP Kazibwe was forced with the stick from her office, and Prof. Gilbert Bukenya was rolled in as Muganda king maker, let her be reminded.

Why Jacob Oulanyah, God is in Gulu!!!

Rebecca Kadaga and Jacob Oulanyah, the Busoga and Acholi in Uganda politics, the back beach of Uganda politics right from the colonial power has been the toll people from Northern Uganda.

Now, Uganda dictator is planning to retire from presidency, which are his most trusted worth gods, is the Acholi from Northern Uganda, not the poor jigger from Busoga Region who are after his oil wealth.

The writing is on the wall, and the curtain is falling, this is why Gen. Salim Saleh have pitched camp in small hut in Gulu, by the way, grass hut is the most scientific recommended living house during hot season, that is why Acholi community admire it.

Sources from the political pundit intimated that all Dick, Harry and Tom, they are rusting to meet Gen. Saleh in Gulu City because that why Oulanyah and the big man are dinning.

If the Speakership is voted to now who will takes the day, definitely, Oulanyah!!! Reason, the Central Executive Committee has made a pronouncement, and the NRM ruled the August house.

So, whether Gen. Moses Ali needs or not, he has to vote for Oulanyah, from the West Nile, Karamoja, Teso, Lango and Acholi Sub Regions, they would have voted for the Omoro County MP.

The greater Ankole and Bunyoru name them, the Western regions would have cast their vote, and so who is Kadaga if she refuses the Vice President Lot, let her go and hung.

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