President Museveni bowed to Apaa land conflict to save NRM image in Acholi Sub Region



Apaa coffins photos on social media delivered to Ker Kwaro Acholi marred Museveni’s three days’ campaign on Development Parish Models in Acholi Sub Region as the President Museveni bowed toAcholi pressure on Apaa to save NRM image in Acholi Sub Region

GULU- WED. February 23,2023. Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja three months’ ultimatum given to over 40,000 Apaa community to leave their land, and pave way for Uganda authority to revamp East Madi game reserve turned nasty on Wednesday February 22 as angry looking stone faces dragged coffins to Rwot David Onen Acana II.


Groups of Youth from Amuru District delivered three coffins to Acholi Ker Kwaro, at Rwot David Acana II, on Wednesday February 22, at 11.00PM condemning him of being in support Museveni Apaa land grabbing.

“We have brought three coffins here at Acholi Ker Kal Kwaro to show our desertification about Apaa 3 months’ ultimatum which was delivered to us the Apaa community to evacuate their within three months, we have learned that you have been given UGX 100 million and Madi chief.”


Rwot Onen David Acana II, reacted bitterly, told the youths that, he was not part of the people who supported the Apaa ultimatum, and the allegation they are saying that he received UGX 100 million from the Museveni and Madi chief is not true. yes, we received the money, but that was part of my transport and support to Acholi chiefdoms, do expect me and others chiefs to drive to Madi,” he questioned.


Rwot Acana complained to the Apaa people who had delivered coffins, are the politicians from Amuru district who even give you the money to buy the coffins and take it to Acholi Ker Kwaro, which is a concoction, politics, disinformation and propaganda. Do you think me as Rwot Acana would be a fool to sell out Acholi land, Rwot Acana wondered?


At exactly, 11.30PM local time, Gulu City mayo Alfred Okwanga, soon came to deliver President Museveni’s invitation letter to Rwot Acana, Okwanga says “ladit Rwot Acana, man waraga me lwongi ikacoke pa President Museveni.” Literally paramount chief, David Onen Acana, I have brought an invitation letter from Museveni inviting you to attend the meeting which is scheduled on February 23, 2023., Gulu City Mayor said.


Rwot David Onen Acana, went  bazar, told Gulu City Mayor, you in the National Resistance Movement are foolish, do you think we are very stupid we who are not in NRM government, why do you bring for me Museveni’s invitation at 11 hours, and yet you should have given me the invitation letter a week early, but you are now coming with the letter, do you think I am the only Acholi chief, I do also have some of others chiefs, we should have sat down in the meeting and discuss the issues, Rwot Acana revoked Okwanga.


“Get out of my palace now, do you think you can abuse my power, get out.” Rwot David Acana roared.


The Prime Minister Robina Nabanja, on the 15, February 2023 delivered Cabinet ministers position paper to Amuru district, especially on Apaa land conflict.


“Says the government of Uganda has given you the people of Apaa 3 months’ ultimatum deadline to leave Apaa village, people who have National Indentification will get UGX 10 million 20 begs of cements and 10 iron sheets, those who have got the packages must go and get settle elsewhere.”  She said,


Before Prime Minister Nabanja finish reading her message, Anthony Akol, the MP for Kilak South, Amuru district, the Chairman of Acholi Parliamentary Groups (AGP) moves fast to box Nabanja who was reading the message, at glancing she took off, an eyes witnesses account described.


Norbert Mao, Justice Minister says, the three months Apaa ultimatum, Acholi community should not blame him, by the time he joined the Justice Ministry, the Apaa land saga had been three for about 11 years. And his position on Apaa is known.


Ngati pe otwe wii dyel nguta,” literally, nobody should tag goats on my head. The Apaa land issues the government has interest in, Norbert Mao warns.


Mike Lakony, the Chairman Local Councilor 5, of Amuru district while appearing on the morning radio talk shows on Favor of God FM, on Wednesday says the Apaa land issue said no person who is a resident of Apaa should move out of Apaa. Although the government gave three months of Ultimatum.


“The Apaa village which has been in the conflict since 2011, we are not leaving, all of us are going to die in Apaa, let the government kill us all. Nobody should get UGX 21 billion tokens from President Museveni.” Lakony warned.

However, on the sideline, Anthony Akol and Mike Lakony, in confidence, codified to the Black Star News that, “Whether Acholi or Madi Communities like it or not, with or without them, Apaa land issues has been a done deal. President Museveni has a person who has interest, the land belongs to him.”


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