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18 killed from Acholi community side and 22 Madi attaker were also killed in dwan attack

Hundreds of civilians’ flea from Acholi Ber village 46 kilometers west of Apaa epic center of conflict, where the Madi are being sponsor by Kampala regime on tribal clenching genocide.
GULU CITY-SUNDAY December 3, 2023.
Muzee Onek Atunya, 90 years old, from Apaa village is dumbfounded today, seeing Uganda People Defense Forces UPDF armed vehicles just pass toward Juka bridge 10,3 kilometer responding to the Madi night attack two days ago.
“Over 45 people killed in a dawn attack on Thursday night leaving scores of dead bodies littering Acholi Ber village 18 Acholi community killed and 22 Madi people attacker also killed from Acholi Ber village kilometers west of Apaa village, the Madi community came and attacked the community of where they have suffered heavy casualties. More dead bodies were reported being buried in Adjumani township about 40 kilometer north of Apaa village.” Muzee Atunya narrates to Black Star News.
Muzee Atunya speaking from Apaa village, his account about attack mooted that for weeks Madi community has been attacking Acholi who live in Acholi Ber, the attackers had no knowledge of the ambush by Acholi community, where they entered into an ambushes and over 40 dead bodies counted remain behind while many still not accounted for still hiding with serious wound in the bushes.
In the village of Ngom Oromo 14 kilometer west of Apaa village, 5 people killed, Oyanga village also west of Apaa 4 people killed and Wii-Luru village 8 people killed in the dawn attack.
The dawn attack also killed 3 Baganda people who also live in Apaa while scores of them who are not accounted for still remain not accounted for. Muzee Atunya reiterates.
Muzee Atunya dismisses information by UPDF Gulu UPDF4th Davison spokesperson who says they have apprehended and arrested the planned attack by the Madi community, the police are keeping those people. Says those loose talk to divert pressure from the International community.
Muzee Atunya claimed that he has visited Apaa Health Center 3, and confirmed that there is no arrest taken place
Mike Lakony, the Amuru District Local Government Chairman, on Saturday, December a day after the attack went to Gulu UPDF4th Davion Brig. Kabango informs him about an impromptu impending Madi marauding attack.
“I have gone ahead to inform Gulu UPDF4th Division Commander that there is a bigger group of Madi community heading toward Apaa village, Acholi Ber to attack the Acholi community. Don’t get scared.” Mike Lakony reassured the Apaa community not to be in fear.
Amuru District Chairman, codified to Black Star News, that Acholi community civil servants working in Adjumani who were being hunted last night, Friday December 2, 2023.
Ojok David, a worker in Adjumani says he was beaten by the people who heard him speaking Luo language and other Acholi communities they are facing harassment.
“I was beaten by the Madi people, because they are accusing the Acholi community of killing their people.”
Freedom Grace Kwecwiny, State Minister for Northern Uganda says it is very unfortunate that many people have been killed in Apaa by the Madi community, Gulu UPDF4th Division Commander informs me about the people who have been killed in conflict. At the moment as we are facing Balaalo eviction, we should be serious not to get involved in such problem
“I have yet to get verification from the filed” Freedom Grace Kwecwiny responded when pressed by the media during press briefing.
Apaa Central Police Station, the officer in-charge when contacted to make the verification of how many have been wounded, the numbers of the dead people and how many are still missing. The officer who asked not to be named was denied the numbers of casualties.
However, hundreds of civilians are fleeing from Acholi Ber, Wii-luru, Ngom Oromo, and Oyanga villages with their property coming to our area for fear of new attack. They are fleeing gruesome mayhem.
Akech Margret 38 years old, a mother of 7 children fled with nothing, except with her children.
Akech narrates that the Madi community came and first burnt their grass thatch hurt with 40 bags of Maize, motorcycle. The household is worth over UGX 30 million.
Akech is not alone, hundreds of thousands of people in Apaa enclave have suffered, as their livestock including chicken, goats and cattle have been raided by the Madi community.
A woman who asked not to be named says the Madi community who attacked and killed 18 people in Acholi Ber did it with the knowledge of Uganda Police Forces and UPDF soldiers, who were gleefully watching the act of murdering the people in Apaa.
“Can’t you imagine, look at the UPDF, as soon as they have transported the dead bodies from the scene where those people were killed, as soon as they pass the Madi community killed more people as if they say after when we left, then you come and kill them. Even the people who were arrested were short with their bow and arrows.” degusted women complained.
The women in Apaa are sleeping in the bush with their children as the situation gets worse. This is not the first time the Apaa community suffered eviction.
in 2011, Uganda Wildlife Authority UWA, Uganda Police Forces and UPDF mounted a eviction that drew the criticism from Member of Parliament from Acholi Sub Region that went to blocked the eviction, the Uganda Police Forces was led by SSP Grace Turyamumanya who had pitched camp in Apaa village.
“We have come to evict Apaa community because the area is under Uganda Wildlife Game Reserve, and besides that the Apaa is in Adjumani district, not in Amuru district.”
In 2015, the women of Apaa undressed themselves, (In Adam Suit) before then UPDF army Commander Aranda Nyakirima detesting Apaa land grabbing.
In 2917, Uganda Ministry of Land de-gazetted Apaa 40,000 square kilometer, annexed it to Adjumani district, and put a permanent roadblock to bar the community of Amuru district from gaining entry into Apaa market.
Apaa village is the most endowed with minerals like Uranium, Oil and Gas, which is being named the first family village.

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