Caeser Lubanga-kene spokes out and condemn youths who decide to join ruling party

By Ceaser Lubanga-kene
Pearls, It’s better to stick with your baby daddy than go and suffer with a sugar daddy where you will never have a say in the affairs of his big house. You will never have a voice and independence again, which is more important than materialistic things.
Amusing how these amazing talented young lads have no patience at all, they want their share of Uganda now sayii. Kato wants to drive a V8 at 30, even while still living inside his mother’s house.
They’re abandoning their age-mate Bobi Wine to go and Dine with Jajja, in the evening of his life. Even when Jajja’s agemates like Mbabazi, Kayihura, Bukenya, Tumukunde are regretting following him their entire lives.
Before the Katos, there was Sseya, Awori, Atubo, Epak, Italian Mafiya Brian White Nagwamu.
Many young ladies chase after sugar daddies the same way, they are not patient enough to build their lives with a baby daddy who honestly cannot afford the lifestyle they desire so much. You expect a Vitz and an IPhone from your boyfriend who earns 1m… How?? Why can’t you have mercy on the Boy Child Bobi Wine??
At some point Shuga Daddy was also a Baby Daddy and built his successful life you admire so much with his First Lady and Age-mate through thick and thin, through untold hardships and personal sacrifice. That’s why sugar Daddies NEVER replace the First Lady unless you use witchcraft on him like Bugingo, I’m joking. Naye some gals of these days can be bold, those who fight their Boyfriend’s wife, you deserve a Nalubaale medal for your brave hearts
So I was saying Party defections are not a new thing but a normal trend of Ugandan multiparty politics. Local party members switch sides every day, so it’s not only the individual elites we see in the media.
Anywar and Kamya of FDC are Ministers, they were very Loud abusers of M7, Nakiwala Kiyingi was in DP, Amongi came from UPC.
Being in opposition has never been easy with life’s demands, politics of ideology is very rare in Uganda. If tomorrow PP or People’s Govt takes over, expect massive turn over from NRM, same way many have quit DP, FDC, PP and UPC to join NRM, that’s just a constant fact and people have the right to. The guy (Mis)allocated GBP 100m POUNDS  (390bn shs) under State House Classified budget just last week, these are the funds he dishes out as we go to 2021.
Now imagine a munaku like Full figure, Lubangakene, Ndona, Ashburg Kato and Ray Supersta, I follow these guys, They may never have held 20m in their entire lives. A guy dangles 200 Million Shs at you, even you you may not think twice with all the problems you’re going through, you may say let me grab this and just uplift my life
Very few will think twice and ask questions like what’s the source of this money? Have I lived and survived without this? Can I move on without these sudden promises? and refuse to take the bait.
Maximum respect to the Besigyes of Uganda, they don’t have a price tag
Therafo, shifting allegiance is normal in a banana republic where our rulers have perfected the art of using public funds to pay for political opportunism. With such classified expenditures like last month’s 100 MILLION POUNDS to state house alone, it is easy to routinely posture as the economic sugar daddy.
Most of these our political actors like Kato and Full Figure have no understanding of multipartyism, and have no party loyalism.
Those guys you admire in NRM were in the trenches in their youth working their way to power, bayita mukupatikana, let them drive their V8s and eat our money in peace. For you, please get into the trenches of your generation and build the Uganda you desire
But they have a right to switch sides. They should thank Bobi Wine for giving them Jobs not insult him on their way out. The badnews is that Uganda’s hungry angry jobless youths are too too too many, you can’t buy them all. Those are the people we should be afraid of and do something for them through creating better equitable opportunities for them before they explode like a bomb with nothing to lose.
That’s what should concern us most. Uganda has 83% youth unemployment

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