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What is wrong with us, how do Acholi Ker Kwaro allow dangerous chemical toxic be used against community

Acholi Broadcasting Services in 2019 on 18th December make a debut and hosted a renowned scholar   son of the soil Dr. Ochan Otim who talks at length on the danger of chemical waste toxic in Uganda. Acholi sub Region of late has become a dumping toxic waste Gulf of Aden which has become chemical waste of the western power.  

By Christopher Nyeko

News reporter Acholi Broadcasting Services


GULU-UGANDA: Alcohol consumption led to rampant death of Ugandan which emerged from uncontrolled consumption of sachets alcohol in Uganda, it brought sciencetist to research on what exhibited in that sachet alcohol.

OCAN OTIM chemist, environmentalist, lecture of advanced chemistry in university of California US in 2016 when he visited home Uganda found many young Ugandan were dying as s result of taking sachet alcohol

The sachets alcohol were produced from Uganda and no strict regulations was put on to it by the government (though warns18+) that gave chances to the citizens to consume excessively as observed by concerned citizens.

That humanitarian catastrophe influenced Dr Ocan Otim to carry out research to find out what is in the sachet alcohol as many peoples allegedly reported dead after drinking it for durations. He decided to research using very many scientific research methodologies.

Samples taken to US lab

Dr Otim Ochan said he sampled almost all sachet alcohols from different trading centre around the country it include Abole, Odek, Tesobar, Kalalangala, jinja, Awere, etc where he sampled Empire cane spirit, chief waragi,  kyitoko, Elsalvadhore ,Rider vodka, Big five, brigade gin,  tangawhizi vodka etc.

All these samples was picked from different manufacturing factories which was situated in the country.

Research methods used.

Dr Otim said he used almost all scientific research Methodist to make him come up with effective result. Qualitative scientific analysis where all the elements in the periodic table was identified thoroughly and analysed .

His finding

The elements which was found in the sachet alcohol include aluminum, zinc, calcium, chloride, carbon, sulphur, magnesium, potassium, sodium, nitrogen, copper (Cu) and lead (Pb)which are deadly and has no function in human body systems were observed abboundantly in sachet alcohol.

Uganda only puts regulations on  lead (Pb) leaving copper (Cu) the most deadly , corrosive and toxic.

“Better drink yomcwiny oneko latina than moo lyec”.said Otim

Years ago daily monitor publication  based in Uganda published that “deadly toxins found in sachet alcohol sold in Uganda”.

Hon Werikhe Kafausa Minister of trade and industry while questioned by daily monitor, replied goods which are in market are tested by UNBS and confirmed good for human consumption.

Jane Aceng health ministry while questioned about toxins found in sachets alcohol said Uganda still lacked some equipment to carry out effective experiment .

The effects of sachets alcohol in human health in relation to toxicity in it

Biologically it cause infertility as copper and lead unstimulated sperm generation which lose erectile and slow ejaculation hence infertility .

Toxins found may also cause general body weaknesses, appetite lost, mental disorder hence death

But in social and economic consequence include antisocial behaviours such as rape, divorce ,suicide, unemployment and more Idiots than citizens created as being consumers of the sachets with toxins hence low revenue to the country as analysed by Senior citizens.

Dr Ocan vowed to continued experimenting more to find how the lead and copper get in to that sachet alcohol .from the soil where sugar cane was planted?,the Container where fermentation and distillation took place save? The packaging material or transportation?

Needs to abolish sachets

President of the republic of Uganda He Yoweri Museveni  gave directives to sachets producers to out stock their products any stop producing sachets any more.

Different districts leaders in acholia subregion also passed Ordinances that prevent selling and distribution of sachets in their area of leadership GULU pioneered followed Pader, kitgum , Nwoya, Lamwo, Amuru, Agago and omoro.

Ojok Patrick age 70 years old a resident of pece  pawel pudyek pece  division GULU municipality and retired soldier who served Ugandan national liberation army said he is good and healthy than his first born son who used to drink sachets OJOK advised the peoples to take the locally made ram than sachets

Though the sachets were abolished but bottled liquor alcohol avails with the same name which was branded on sachets. The question remained it’s only the packaging which was changed? Ocan vowed to experiment more.

To know if heavy metals still exhibit.





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