Let's speak truth to ourselves. Over to you my kinsmen.

Greetings to you all please our kinsmen. At this time that posters are pin amd being raised on walls and poles- this would be a time for strategic positioning of Acoli human political capital on core international, regional, national and local level interests. Rather than each chief or God father as opposed to mentors identifying with his or her own preferred candidate, Acoli would collectively develop a collective sieve to help produce the most preferred bearing in mind the major gaps identified in Acoli before, during and after the wars through different regimes in Ugandas governments.

The evolution is rapidly taking us as a people by surprise, political class formation versus the voters, strong men and women being produced that in a short run offer pleasurable moments to individuals but does not sustain a people centred agenda for generations. Think about this, as our leaders shall be crowding funerals, routine WangOO, clan meetings and religious and political organisations on tactics and planning as usual, we are are not making headway on the following and this would be the time.

1. Strategic leadership positioning for Acoli- should everybody vie for national and what do we want to achieve on national leadership platform/What about local government..isn’t there a need. What do we have for city and what sort of people leaders do we look forward to…
2. Land rights advocacy through enhanced productivity- political leaders have all sizeable farms occupying land in miles, produce for international markets but voters are failing to have where to dig…our local markets are crowded wirh imported agricultural products but for how long.how has government operation wealth creation faired despite having most fertile land as they claim….
3. Marketing and media relations to boost bussiness and markets for human capital and capital interests. Who are the faces of pur national media, who owns this media houses, until when shall we come together and think critically woth humane for humanity. For bow long shall our children be employees without professional media requires skills but are proud of their close association “political exploits” yet they can not be considered for serious media opportunity should there be an opening… do we feel the pain to always be a participant on the left overs when decisions are taken on our behalf.
4. Industrial mechanization boosted by stable and affordable energy power and supply.. electricity and industrialization is a dream but we have some numbers of titles, ranks and positions that only strive on elevating some social family class bit no capacity for people centered agenda. The whole of Acoli, big hotels are operating on solar bit not electricity and how affordable are these please..
5. Economy to boost household income and achieve dignity of survival for our people. ..We all go to churches and mosques but sincerely churches are not simply about going to heaven but it’s also about subduing the world, how are our church leaders helping our people towards that when over 100 members of congregation are able to collect 10,000 as offertory, is that still matters of faith or low productivity…
6. Political sanity and morality for sustained integrated national positioning of interests. .. it’s true precedence has been set that somebody is still around for more years but should one be in the same position for the same number of years and you have no hospital in your area, children don’t pass exams and there are no business partners to suport….surely and this are people offered front seats on social functions…..Acoli, I think we were better than this ..
7. Review of COURTS and policing performance for review on the traditional justice mechanisms.

It sounds unpleasant for grandmothers to be competing with grandchildren, political dynasties being built in our face. Where is the space of Acoli in the transition agenda; where is the position of a widow and orphaned Acoli in the future of Uganda were land and buildings in centers and towns are owned by counted individuals not more than 20 in Acoli. What is the guarantee that tomorrow would be better when means of production and Labour market are determined by patronage system. This is the time for collective efforts to deploy capacity to achieve greater good for Acoli because politics drives all other factors of development.

Let’s speak truth to ourselves. Over to you my kinsmen.



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