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Political vineyard, discovered that President Museveni worry so that his plan is not finish

notThe political pundit for the Great Lakes Region predicted that the major worry facing president Museveni is not term limit or rigging his way to become yet another president of Uganda after 40 year on the reign of power, but the biggest problems to him is age limit.

President Museveni when he short his way to power in five years guerrilla war from 1981to 1986 turning Luwero triangle massacre filed killing  the Dr. Apollo Milton Obote 11 government forces, later displaying their skulls on road side was nothing in regards to Human Right violation under Geneva convention  article 3, crimes on Humanity.

From 1986 to darted President Museveni has been enjoying both western and Eastern ally, and at one time he was described as the new breed of African leaders, and since then Uganda government gain international support based on good public and diplomatic campaigned, and when globalization came in the mid 1990. Uganda foreign policy shifted from the Butter trade movement President Museveni was proud of when he took power from gurulike outfit.

President Museveni also used populist Uganda Opposition Parties which had caged them to remain in the party head office, they were not allow to hold delegate conference to elect their party leaders or hold political really for over two decades,. But, he allow self style opposition to stand in the 2000 referendum whether to votes for multiparty dispensation in the name of Michael Ocegere, which a shame for Uganda main opposition parties the likes of Democratic Party DP, Uganda People Congress Party and Conservative Party CP and other who had boycotted standing in the aborted referendum.

But, nevertheless, Uganda political space was allow to operate, but without free media and freedom of speech, in 2001, President Museveni luck happened when the Osama Bin Laden wreak havoc in what became known as USA  bombing 21 September. Why, because the USA and their ally western countries had turned blind eyes to Kampala regime internal and foreign p[policy, due to overwhelming Human Rights violation as safe houses was littering Kampala and the country at large.

By that time Dr. Kizza Besigye has political and family disagreement that propelled him out of the National Resistance Movement, the ruling p[arty. the global changed emanating from the break down of the Berlin wall and releasing Nelson Mandela, and the millennium goal was drawing nearer, with the election of Tony Baler coming in after a long good friendship with the iron lady Margret Tusker the former tori Prime Minister of . So, there was need to install yet another puppet leader in Kampala capital.

Now, why is President Museveni worry, not because he buy and dick and tom who want to became Member of Parliament, that is not the case, President even if Muhoozi Keineirugaba become president today, he still worry. because of one thing. Joseph Kony is still young and alive. as president Museveni turn to be in the early 80 or mid 80s, Joseph Kony turn to be in the early 60. which means that his people the Banyarwanda who are occupying Acholi land will have not peace.

The Program of Bacwezi staying in power for the over 100 years will not be achieve. in 1986, plan was that they should follow the former Uganda Army, of the Junta Gen. Okello Tito Lutea and killed all of them in the bush.

But, when Joseph Kony took over the rebellion from the former UNLA forces, planned of which was orchestrated from the Luwero triangle to begin taking away land in Acholi Sub Region was blocked

Finally, according to social media, it was reported that the group of Russia which headed by Wenger missionary stormed the hideout of LRA in Central African Republic, and they Russian forces hunting for LRA chief got bloodies noise.

President Museveni has run out of support from Western power, the USA and their ally Europeans countries, now turning to Russia, and living Acholi land intact, he should be worry of the age.


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