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Battery Operation System for Community Outreach (BOSCO) Uganda uses highly speed long-range WI-Fi (Mobile internet) frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz Unlicensed spectrum to connect the unconnected communities within rural areas via internet with each other and with people across international boarder in a way that will help improve their well-being and development through lasting relationship

GULU-UGANDA: Fr. Joseph Okumu Executive Director of BOSCO Uganda last week while presenting the history of BOSCO-Uganda at Kakanyero Hotel in Gulu, he moves the audience and says in 2005, Northern Uganda during the peak of insurgency there was a total breakdown of communication.

“There wa

Prof Too-Okema argues Uganda Commncation Commission to root for rurual mobile internet network

s a humanitarian crisis in northern Uganda that stirred inside some Philanthropists Most Rev. John Baptist Odama, Rev. Fr. Now the late Fr. Bob Binta then Chaplin of the Uganda Catholic Parliamentarians (RIP), USA, Gs Zuehike graduate of Noter Dame University and me that needed an answer. All of us thought the solution to the crisis is communication.” Rev. Fr. Okumu argues.

Adds that it took it up with Uganda’s Ministry of Information, Communication Technology (ICT) by then the minister was Hon. Ham Mulira then Minister of ICT listened to him, this time he was less very wordy introduction and answered just. “Go to Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) Mr. Mutabazi will sort you out”, he felt lost thinking it is rejection of his request or an acceptance of it, Rev. Fr. Okumu remarked.

Rev. Fr. Okumu says later that, the then State Minister for ICT   John Alintuma Nsambu took him to Mr. Mautabazi who listened to him, this time he was less wordy for fear he could have done bad in the first instance with Ham Mulira.

However, Mr. Mutabazi simply says, “Rev. Father, you do not need license to carry out what you are requesting.”

He further argues that “Please go to UCC web page and you find all the help you need, the UCC web confirmed the WIFI point to point last mile connectivity to set up in the displacement camps did not need to be licensed.” Mr. Mutabazi instructed Father Okumu to set out mobile internet in IDP camps.

Therefore, the Battery Operation System for Community Outreach BOSCO-Uganda was born in 2006 and became operational on 31ST 2007on the feast day of St. John Bosco an Italian priest founder of the Salesian Order that is well known for its committed ministry to the youth.

Father Okumu noted that these powerful words of someone none other than the Vicar of Christ came to assure him of his social ministry to the people described in 2004 by visiting UN Under Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs Ian England, all through the years of the world known insurgency in northern Uganda we read many people’s letters on the occasion of World Communication days. The above quoted as in 2010 by Pope now emeritus Benedict XXI, this was the 44th message.

He says all devoted Catholics read the annual messages of the Popes on the occasion of the world communications day and they translated it to the faithful under their pastoral care.

Thus, when he brought  this message to the youths in Gulu who graduated from various Universities in Uganda, they responded favorably and overwhelmingly to the initiative to establish a WIFI voice over internet protocol (VoIP) Connectivity.

“No sooner had we connected six displacement camps in northern Uganda,  the Lord’s Resistance Army LRA rebels and Government of Uganda signed a cease fire that has help to date in 2007. We saw the impending return to normalcy as a better opportunity where BOSCO-Uganda would address yet another challenge-the rural brain drain.” Father Okumu reiterates.

He further more argues that if even war and conflict ended between rebels and Government of Uganda, there were other factors that continued to cause isolation by disrupting communication.

At this time in 2010, Google saw our initiative and encouraged us by awarding the 2010 breaking borders honors. In 2012, UCC also encouraged BOSCO-Uganda with an ACTA annual connectivity award, Father Okumu revealed.

In conclusion, Father Okumu says today, they are very pleased association of Progressive Communicators (APC) finds BOSCO-Uganda a partner worth its partnership in combating isolation, connecting the unconnected.

Mr. Lawrence Too-Okema Chairman of BOSCO-Uganda says Bosco-Uganda is a non-for-profit organization (NPO) under the trusteeship of Catholic Archdiocese of Gulu with registration number B99410051328 N on March 9th 2007. It was founded as an emergency response to the 1986 -2008 government of Uganda and rebel of Lord’s Resistance Army conflict.

Mr. Too-Okema says BOSCO-Uganda started its activities in bringing internet and Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony with the help of solar power PCs to rural areas in Northern Uganda, since then, BOSCO Uganda is leading NPO in the area of information Communication Technology (ICT) and the only community Network within Uganda, he says.

“BOSCO-Uganda through its network provides essential education content STEM via Kolibri and internet to both in and out of school youths to transform the oral traditions into written positive culture values, norms and success stories documented and shared online for others to learn from.” Prof. Too-Okema revealed.

Prof. Too-Okema notes that needless to say, BOSCO-Uganda is in full collaboration with NITA-U. And soliton Telmec to build ‘a globally competitive Uganda enabled by information Technology’ through humility in rural setting well aware that NITA-U has contracted soliton Telmec to commercialize the internet on its behalf. We would like to continue with this internet to the community.

Reveals that BOSCO-Uganda now supports over 52 ICT points present in Acholi, part of Lango and West Nile region of Northern Uganda.

Mr. William Lutakome Uganda Communication Commission Regional Technical officer says UCC strategy to enhance rural internet connection to unconnected areas, they are supplying Computers to government aided Hospital, Secondary schools,90% of computer supplied to secondary school expecting communities to access and Local Government offices in Northern Uganda, as part of the outreach.

They want to make internet available to women and people with disability of which only 16% use internet, they want wi-fi to box spot. Want to put 52KPL to every small center. We r now initiating to provide 5mega per second

He argues that BOSCO-Uganda has done very well through Radio Maria and Radio for Peace which covered the whole country, because it would be very expensive to cover wedding which would be taking place in most churches in Northern Uganda. But through BOSCO which has free internet services it can beam the program lives through out the country.

He reveals that although Uganda National Television NTV network and National Broadcasting services NBS network they are bringing their services through under logs, of which the government wants to take over these services.

“Currently China company has won the award to put up a regional network services for the television network for the whole country, so that the news that take place in Northern Uganda can be broadcast within the region. Selling Television news outside the particular region is going to be very expensive.” Mr. Lutakome urged.

Mr. Lutakome says although UCC has been supporting Government institutions, but its support through the line ministry, the challenges is that these computers  supplied, the ministry do not buy more to support the ones that have been given to them.

Josephine Miliza used internet connection to communicate with Ugandan participants who were holding conference in Gulu, she says Africa is doing well by introducing mobile network in rural areas like Associate Progress Communication the Kenya chapter.

“I would be more supportive for the movement, this project is going to support rural mobile network in Uganda, ITC is encouraging joint  Africa, this year, building on the coverage we have to work hard in order to transform Africa” Miliza said.

There CYD mobile rural network in Malawi, UMAJA internet mobile network in Kenya, BOSCO-Uganda, and ENZELENT model in Mozambique how best are these challenges.

But lack of connectivity needs tower and radio because the infrastructures there are at a high cost as of ISP, and yet the communities which the internet mobile network is serving are low cost people.

And yet UCC is getting revenue, its needed to review the law that govern them















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