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The most long awaited Acholi National Conference came to passed, if power that be want to know the agenda of ANC, then who are you to precede.

Gen. Museveni the Commander In-Chief of the UPDF the Uganda Opposition parties want in to appear for war crimes and Genocide against Humanit  Want the permanent status quo in Acholi to remain in his favorAcholi National Conference agenda would have rub Acholi ker kwaro on a wrong side.



GULU-UGANDA: The concealment of the December 19, 2019 ANC has left a huge burden of the entire Acholi community indicating that the Acholi community has not yet come to term with their future destiny. Leave alone mobilizing the population for fund rising drive.

Baker Ochola, one of the committee members who have been one of the organizers based in Gulu and Kitgum says he is still receiving phone calls from many Acholi community from Diaspora some of them they have just arrive today.  Who are inquiring if the ANC is proceeding, he says.

“I have been bombarded with so many calls from the Acholi members who came to attain the ANC, but unfortunately, I told them that the ANC meeting is not taking place.” Baker Ochola reiterates.

Jokken Timothy says the ANC failed because the Acholi community never contributes for the conference, the reason why the meeting has been postpone indefinite. But, if the ANC is to take place, they must contribute money generously, he warned.

However, the Oyeng Yeng News investigation on team on the ground managed to dig underlined reason why the ANC flopped.

Sources from state house intimated that Uganda dictator Museveni ask for the Agenda of the ANC, from the Mrs. Christine Akello Lutara, this send a shock wave, and she has to throw in the towel, impeccable sources, revealed.

Oyeng Yeng News team investigation has also learned that Ms. Akello Lutara has been running the ANC single handed, this means most of the decision she take without consultation, sources argued.

Oyeng Yeng News finding reveals that the failure of ANC because, the Acholi conference meeting agenda would make Acholi community a viable institution, since the ANC agenda takes power away from all the Chairman Local Council V.

Therefore, all the Chairman of the 8 Acholi Sub Regions has been opposed to the ANC tight from the time of it initial, Sources confirmed.

The fourthly, the ANC agenda was to address Acholi paramount chief position, and would come up with a way forward, “The cons and pros of the Acholi paramount chief.”

Thus, it does not go well with the current “ALPHA and OMEGA” lawii rwodi Acholi. The factor of ANC flopped could be attributed to the innuendo of power icon, un insider sources intimated.

In conclusion, the Sabogabo regime feared that when the Acholi get out of the planned fuse, his government would fall, since the Acholi sons and daughters who has been used for bad or good will no longer be subject for manipulation with Sabogabo regime any more.

Lastly, who is to blame of the current sabotage of the ANC, should we castigate the alien for ANC woo, or should Acholi sons and daughters from within and those from Diaspora squarely commit million of dollars for the ANC.

But according to political pundit who has been associated with the Great Lakes Region. Says the flopped ANC is a blessing in disgust, why? Was the abrogated ANC put in place of the security of the Acholi Diaspora? When hardly on December 9, 2019, Justice Jane Adong succumbed to alleged poison. Political pundit urged.

Acholi National Conference ANC will take place whether by hook or crook, come Easter 2020.

Earlier on at the launch of publicity Oyeng yeng in an exclusive interview with the organizer Ms. Christine Lutara question weather or not there has been full awareness of the NCA program by the prominent members of Acholi? “The movers and shakers” Acholi She answered yes.









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