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The Emperors of world leaders kindle like a new lover, see USA President Mr. Donald Trump form arrogance to a diplomacy, it confirmed the alleged rig election in the last USA presidential ELECTION  

The USA President Donald Trump; the inside deal was lay bare during the G20 World top leaders conference in Japan, Mr. Trump made a surprise giggling gesture while he pushed his hand to greet the Russian President Putin. Smiles like a lover before her new boy friend, while forgetting that he is a sitting USA President
GULU-UGANDA: The G20 summit for World leaders in Japan, turned up in stile as other G20 Countries became vulnerable concentrating in admiring the USA President Donald Trump and Russian President Putin, forgetting crucial issues like climatic change and making a clear case for free trade.
The expectation of the G20 summit was more to underline the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be discussed among other many reckless trade measure, among which his current tariff defensive against Chinese products stood out.
One of the political analysts position was that, Trump’s inflexibility at last year’s G20 summit in Buenos Aries resulted in the first commercial blander that did not include a vow to resist protection of environmental mitigation among other things.
Mr. Trump’s interest and the USA foreign policy still nonetheless reflects a set of clear economic beliefs based on Trump’s reckless tweeters single handed method of tyranny.
The question then is, who were the greatest achievers of the Japan G20 summit
? Of-course Donald Trump and Putin, There was writing on the wall, just how the two powerful world leaders were sitting, and showed who is who in the world order. The political pundit.
Throughout the conference the character of the two world leading leaders portrayed two issues. One Trump seemingly looked paying tribute to Putin for helping him get to the Whitehouse.
Secondly, Trump’s body language changed from being warrior to a diplomat. Indeed, following the downing of the USA spy drone, political analysts expected that the G20 Japan summit would have discussed the Iran bombing of the USA oil tanker, but instead it was the Iran’s nuclear deal that dominated the proceedings. This seems to mean that things to do with the US are no longer important and thus not apriority in world summits.
However, what ought to be noted is the fact that it seems the world has failed to tame Iran. As a result Iran is moving to acquire weapons of mass destruction with a lot of confidence. This simply means being around the strong country like Iran, you must be friendly and cautious of your dealings with the West; otherwise thing will not be easy. This also seems to portray that the USA is no longer controlling the world politics, but the Jews State, despite the USA positioning Pentagon in all the Oceans costs of the Middle East.

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