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Acholi Parliamentary Groups (APG), unders chairmanship of Hon Okin Pilliph fantsticlly demonstrated that indeed No COVID-19 panemic in Acholi sub region

A mugisu woman all away from Eastern Uganda has been admitted at St. Mary Hospital Lacor, at the treatment COVID-19 pandemic centetr, but she has escape.
GULU-UGANDA: Gulu COVID-19 task force is hunting for the lady who escaped from St. Mary Hospital Lacor some one hour ago, the CCTV camera took the Vehicle number who carried the lady. the person hail from Mbale district from Eastern Region.
This has comfirmed that all the cases of COVID-19 pandemic has been transported or imported to Achooli Sub region.
Information reaching Oyeng Yeng News desk from parliament indicates that upon the APGs meeting Uganda Prime Minister Dr. Rukunda, the PM agreed that the lock down will end on June 28th 2020, but for now the commeercials vehicle from Kampala can pass via Gulu to Kitgum or Adjumani.
Oyeng Yeng News warns the public to be on the look out not rush and pick maskes from any sources which has not been authorised, otherwise it may turn out to be the sourcs of infection of COVID-19. this could have been the ploy by power that be to infect Acholi community, because there was no calls to lock down Gulu district.

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