Former Nwoya District Chairman strike deal today August 7-Acholi Parliamentary Groups baying for his blood, wanted him out from Acholi Sub Region

Gen. Salim Saleh, Senior President Advisor buying land at UGX 20 million from community.

NWOYA DISTRICT: Gen. Salim Saleh Director of Operation Wealth Creation currently has pitched camp at Purongo Sub County, Nwoya District wooing the community to sell their land at whooping price of about UGX 7 million per acre.

Okello Patrick Oryema, the former chairman Nwoya District Chairman Local Government disclosed to this publication during a private meeting with Gen. Salim Saleh at his country home in Purongo sub county, tis looking for land to buy, those people who sell their land to him, he bought three acres at UGX 20 million.

Okello Oryema says that Gen. Salim Saleh his intention was to find out why the community they are still poor and yet a lot of money has been given to Northern Uganda post LRA war.

“I want to make sure that Acholi community work with the investors, because it seem that after Museveni regime, the community will turn against us.

However, first I want to work with you, but you are have been keeping quite even when you attend public gathering.

“You are always keeping quite not making political statement and yet you are able, and people like you, what are you next to in your move.” Okello Oryema codified to Oyeng Oyeng News sources.

Okello Oryema adds on that Gen. delegated him to come up with project proposal on private partnership with community. Gen. Saleh ask him to write project that would developed Acholi community to allow them cultivate four acres of land as part of agricultural production, the government will support them to give them money and seeds. but later when the community have produce their production, they will sell to them.

“Gen. Saleh say is very worry about the investors who are currently investing in big farms in Nwoya and Amuru districts, because the post National Resistance Movement NRM government, Acholi community seem to be turning their wrath on the investors, so he must find the solution of workerable means to empower Acholi community.” Okello Oryema argued.

Okello Oryema at some time insinuated that Gen. Saleh asked him why poor lady like the late Aber Harrite, his former concubine have 6 heator of land, Okello Oryema laught off Gen. claimed.

“I told him that the late Aber owned  land on your behalf. But, Saleh resorted that the lady was a wise person, she had registered that land in the name of her brother and mother, when she passed on we have realized that the land title was in the name of her mother and brother.”

Gen. Saleh also alluded that Acholi community they are very poor because NUSAF, PRDP, and others intervention left Northern Uganda poorers because big sons and daughters coming from Acholi Sub Region used the funds not the community.

Okello Oryema reveals that today August 7, 2023. he is going to submit his proposal to Gen. Salim Saleh at his county home in Purongo. Okello Oryema disclosed.


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