My loved friend, who passed on, life simple


My loved friend, who I have learned of his demise, a month later rest in peace.

“A no nonsense former Uganda National Liberation Army UNLA, mavic civil servant.”

KITGUM DISTRICT-MONDAY, 27, JAN. 2023. Rest in peace Ndugu Ocanomoya Constantine Johnmanson was laid to rest in Kitgum Municipality a month ago, east Acholi. Life is simple.

He was born to Mr. Latuk John Omoya and Mrs. Magdalene Abur Omoya of Padibe, Lamwo district on 21, August, 1946. He started school in 1953 at Kitgum boys primary school then to Pabor primary school in Gulu and finished from Dure Primary school.

Later he went to Alokolum Seminary before joining Namulango College for his Ordinary and Advance certificate.

For University, he joined Makerere University where he was a proud member of North Court Hall from 1971 to 1974 and he acquired a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

In 1983 he acquired a Certificate in Public Sector Accounting, Institute of Public Administration in Glasgow College at Technology, in 1983 he acquired a Training of Trainers Certificate from Edinburgh University.

From 1987-1988, he acquired an Advanced Diploma in GOVERNMENT Accounting and Management at Nsanmizi Training Institute/CIPFA, U.K

He started working in 1975 as an accountant at Ministry of Finance, Treasury Department, before going to exile in Tanzania in 1976, while in Tanzania.

He worked as an auditor in the Tanzania Audit Corporation till his return to Uganda in 1979. After his return to Uganda in 1979, he joined the ministry of Finance Treasury department as an Accountant in the same ministry.

In 1982 he was moved to the ministry of information and broadcasting as senior accountant where he worked till 1984. Then he moved to the ministry of Water in the same position till 1986.

From 1986, he moved to the ministry of Land and Survey as senior accountant till 9188 when he was transferred to the ministry of Commerce and Trade till 1989 when he retired from Public Services.

In 1992, he resumed work as senior audit supervisor/Financial Advisor at Multtitech Management Consultants till 2002 when he moved to ETC East Africa as a financial Advisor till 2003.

In 2005 he opened OMIN Consultants firm where he worked till the time of his passing.

Ocanomoya is survived by 20 children and 32 grandchildren.

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