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Hilary Onek Obaloker has been summon by his bosses to Kampala

Nabison Kidega Nock, the Residence District Commissioner for Lamwo district has been placed under house arrest, following multi practice in election rigging.

Prior to January 14, 2021 presidential and parliamentary general election, the pre ticking ballots paper took place, when Oyeng Yeng News broke the news.

Later on, Kampala regime deployed martial art from Gulu City were deployed in Lamwo either to adds rigging or to stop the rigging which was being orchestrated by Hilary Onek.

Why, Kidega has been implicated because according to source who talk to Oyeng Yeng News, revealed that the Minister Onek gave Kidega Nock UGX 70 million to allow election multi practice take place.

“Onek had given cultural leaders in Lamwo district UGX 10 million each, almost to every villages. to vote out Molly Lanyero, the Women MP for Lamwo because she is Museveni right hand.” and Onek used foreign forces that he deployed in Lamwo to rig election.

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