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Andrew Mwenda on propagandist to defend his brother Gen. Muhanga, the commander of Uganda land. forces

impeccable sources, indicates President Museveni withdrew power from UPDF high commands, who have acquired a big swart of land in Acholi Sub Region and they are confronting Balaalo herdsmen to cause chaos for his regime.


The rebuttal, rennoced Kampala regime critice. Andrew Mwenda, the face of Uganda bribran journalism in the 1990s, now turned UGANDA People Fences Forces UPDF spokes propagandist once again turned agains

Andrew Mwenda, on Propagandist to defense his own Brother Gen. Muhanga, UPDF land forces commander who also acquired land in Acholiland, turned wide to castigated Uganda Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo

t President Museveni Presidential Executive Order No. 3 castigating Uganda Chief Justice as tribalism.
Andrew Mwenda In insinuating that *Acoli are selfish, yet they have land or have settled in other people’s land(also) is a baloney that smacks of blackmail because IT IS CONTEXTUALLY VERY WRONG AND INSULTING; a feeble attempt to justify what may appear like” _someone raping your mother and bringing a cotton gauze to mop her bleeding va++++” ; and you are supposed to prostrate at such act of generosity.
Andrew Mwenda first of all must know that it was President Museveni who asked Chief Justice Owiny Dollo to take the groups of Acholi who took their grievances to President Museveni. the community of the affected areas of Palaro Mede, Okidi. and also the community of Pogo village, Labala village, Lakang villages, Okedi tim dwar pa Jo Puranga in Pader District.

“I was called by the President to take to the victims of the Balaalo cattle keepers, after the Burial of Brig. Okoya rebruial in August this year 2023. And when I informed President Museveni that the Balaalo victims are ready to meet him in the statehouse. the 39 people including Anthony Akol, the Chairman of Acholi Parliamentary Groups APG, i led them to present their position.”Chief Justice Owiny Dollo made his position clear when he appeared
So, it not confident that Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi came is implementing Presidential Order No. 3. Who are you Andrew Mwenda.

Mwenda who is fronting his own brother General Muhanga with *Conflict of interest*. Just in case you didn’t know there is blood relations between AM and the Head of Land Forces, a General Muhanga who headed Operation Shujja in the D.R.C before he left it to a Gen. Dick Olum as he took over from (perhaps) a relative; a Gen. Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, 1st Son and Presidential Advisor of Special Operations (pun intended) and an avowed Standby Generator in the Kaguta Estate called Uganda and a ‘son’ to the General Caleb Akandwanaho a.k.a Salim Saleh operating from his tactical headquarters in Purongo, deep in Acoli and a known apologist for the Balaalo Must Stay (BMS) against the Balaalo Must Go (BMG) to which the Chief Justice, as an Acoli is perceived to belong. There may be nothing wrong in this web of relations, except if you zoom their lens deeper…
President Museveni has learned that the high top Uganda Army commanders have acquired land in a lucrative fertile Acholi land, just to disorganise him. sources mooted to the Oyeng Yeng News, Oyeng Yeng News desk learned from alleged sources that those top army commanders are bent to iginise Acholi civil strife, whereby the Acholi community would be in receiving hands.

But, Balaalo in the name of General would use the ill-fitted Acholi civil strife to turn the table in their favor.
“President Museveni sources alleged that he has withdrawn the power from the UPDF general who allegedly acquired land in the North.” sources mooted.

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