Cross before crown

By Job Lazarus Okello Sr.,

Author of How to tap your hidden treasure, Cross before crown, Sailing through the storms of life, you can make it and Light at the end of the tunnel.


STOCKHOLM: The most important capital is human capital or put simply, intellectualism or the knowledge you have -your mental capacity.

The problem is a lot of people value financial capital more than other types. Those people often tend to waste their intellectual abilities.

They don’t invest in their minds. So how do you use your mind? How do you put to use your intellectual ability? If you really wanna get forward and excel in life, then you gotta maximize your intellectual capacity.

This human capital which is above all other types will help you to manage all the other types like financial and physical capital among others. You need knowledge to manage your resources.

Therefore invest in your mind. Seek as much knowledge as you can. Don’t just focus on financial capital. First seek human capital which is what you need to manage your other resources.

As I conclude, I wanna remind you that the greatest resource you have is your human capital-your knowledge, wisdom, intelligence. Invest in it with all your might. Cultivate right values and be a person of vision.

When you have no vision, you will only chase the wind in the name of working so hard. Money is attracted to values. Therefore if you wanna make a lot of money, then please increase in value. The more valuable you are, the more money you attract.

Whoever poisons your Human capital poisons your life.  Guard your human capital jealously.

God bless you.


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