Masindi Inmates Receive Message of Hope from Kinyara Sugar Limited

Kinyara Sugar Limited Delivers Sports gears to Inmates at Masindi Prison

By Mariana Kisakye

On Monday, February 26, 2024 Kinyara Sugar Limited paid a courtesy visit to the Masindi prison.

On Monday morning, shortly after coming from Budongo Sub County for other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives , Aldon Walukamba, the communications manager, visited Masindi Prisons.

They were given footballs, net balls, and volleyball balls to help strengthen the rehabilitation and restoration program at Masindi Prisons.

Some of the Sports gears handed to Masindi Prisons Officials (C)  ASP Ongalla J P and Daphine Namude (L) by Kinyara Sugar Limited

The program is part of Kinyara Sugar Limited’s CSR initiative.

It resulted with Masindi Prisons officials’ request for assistance in promoting inmate sportsmanship, which was then approved by Kinyara Sugar Limited General Manager Ravi Ramalingam.

Addressing the Masindi Prisons Officials, the Communications Manager, Aldon Walukamba, remains committed to the cause of spreading and taking beautiful games and sports to the communities, inmates included.

Communications Manager Aldon Walukamba observed with concern the immense talent (players, referees, and administrators) that some of the inmates are endowed with.

There are quite a number of young, energetic, and talented players who can serve in different clubs and communities after completing their sentences.

Kinyara Sugar Limited donated an assortment of items to further help in the development of the game at Masindi Prisons and called on other partners to join the cause.

“We implore other partners to come and support the rehabilitation and restoration program at Masindi Prisons so so that these neglected communities also achieve their goals and objectives, Communications Manager Aldon Walukamba said.

ASP Ongalla JP, in his address, appreciated the historic visit by Kinyara Sugar Limited, saying

“Since time in memorial, we had never received any guest from Kinyara Sugar Limited delivering tangible sports equipment. We are also humbled by this visit.”

ASP Ongalla remarked that internal competitions among these inmate clubs are a way of entertainment and psychosocial well-being for inmates, enhancing staff-inmate relationships.

Daphine Namude, Principal Rehabilitation and Restoration Officer at Masindi Prisons, intimated some of their challenges, ranging from limited resources like balls, jerseys, nets, referee equipment, lapses in the continuity of their various programs, to missing computers.

A Brief about Kinyara Sugar Limited

Kinyara Sugar Limited is one of the largest sugar producers in Uganda, with a 30% market share in the region. Kinyara Sugar is listed among East Africa’s Super brands and is the best quality sugar in the region. The company has earned a “People’s Choice Award” for the best sugar on the market through its Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) certification.

Established in 1972 as National Sugar Works Limited, the company produced a total of 12,000 Tonnes of sugar between 1976 and 1978. The period between 1978-86 was a challenging time of insurgency with sugar production coming to a halt

Feasibility studies and rehabilitation were done between 1987 and 1996 which led to the re-commissioning of the facility as Kinyara Sugar Works Limited in April, 1996 by H.E. President Y.K. Museveni under the management of Booker Tate until 2006.

The company was later privatized in June 2006 and rebranded as Kinyara Sugar Limited (KSL)


To be a market leader in production of mill white sugar and green energy by partnering with communities for growth and sustainable development.


We are an environmentally conscious company devoted to the creation of wealth for our stakeholders; contributing to the Ugandan economy through employment and production of sugar plus its bi-products; while meeting the needs of our cus­tomers.


  • 6,000 Tonnes of Cane crushed per day Vs 9,000 (TCD) Installed capacity.
  • 500 Tons of Sugar daily which includes 150 tons of industrial refined sugar.
  • 9.5 MWh of green energy produced Vs 14.5MWh installed capacity
  • 60 – 70 hectares/day currently harvested


Permanent – 1,340

Contract – 14,500



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