On September 2, 2020. UPDF and Uganda Police Forces who turned up to cover the demise of the late Harriet Aber Saleh were harrased by SMC protection unit deployed at the scene of crimes, the Uganda Police Officers and UPDF from 4th Division Gulu Barrack could not be spared alike.

Until 10.00AM local time when the Senior Police Officer Head of Pathology was flown to Kampala, and immediately he ordered Regional Northern Uganda Pathologist to take charge of crime scene
“Gulu Regional Scenes of Crime have you taken control,”.Uganda Head of Police Pathologist querried.

No Sir Odong officer in-Charge answered.

It was fourth night ago, when residents of Gulu City wake up  with sad news of the demise of Gen. Salim Saleh, Ms. Harrit Aber Asshan . Rev. Father Charles Opiro stunned Holy Rosary congruation when he announced that the chaotic lady who used to terrorize Acholi  was shot by her bodyguard, without mentioning the name.

The fact Major Telesephor Turimyumumayia refrusted , says those are baseless allegations, in  a telephone interview the 4th UPDF Division Military Spokesperson warned the Black Star News Reporter following the story  who he said was  ‘touching on a wrong button’.

“Leave the matter of Gen. to General, I told you, I am not a spokesperson to the family.” Maj. Telesephor warned and hung up phone.

GULU CITY: Aber’s closed confident and a personal Vet Doctor was deeply hurt in the moring and one could see he was in deep conlfict  but shortly hours later, the news of fallen iron lady was allover the city.

“For me I have been working with Harriet Aber Saleh, she is a good person, humanus, happy and a kind person.”
Adding that although many people have been complaining that she is a bad guy, but to me we have never witnessed any wrong character in her.  She was always very protective to her property”

The Doctor said many  her cattle were stolen by the people around something that at times changed her character to the community that sorrounded her.

At the time of her demise  Aber Harriet was expected to be owning 7,000 herds of cattle, however, unlike the African tradition of honoring the dead, her demise was cellberated by the underprivillaged group of people who aligned thier sufferings to iron hands.

Walter Ochan Raska, a singer and a business man in Gulu was among the people who organised beer party to celleberate her demise.

Ochan says  two years ago , he went to Torit town in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan to perform  music with Otim Bocmic , the deseased destroyed his  other sources of livilihoods, ‘bar and three containers with goods  worth millions of shilling in the former Cereleno market worrth millions of shillings without compensation.

He later claimed ownership of the land and thousands of women vending in the market were evicted.

She was backed by UPDF as they watched and protected her in the demolution of the buildings in the market and the local authorities, not even the council could understand the pain the vendors were going through.

Ocan further says he then relocated back home to the village when he returned in the country and couldn’t find place to live in.

However ,the Northern  Uganda Regional  Police Patrology  report revealed that the deseased sucumed to the  internal bleeding but the family members remained silent on the burial.

Gen. Salim Saleh who drove in UPDF Helicopter on arrival  was welcomed by Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany, he too couldn’t give a single account on the demise of his wife which has yet remained mystry.

Salim on in his slip of tounge desscirbed the deseased as a stubborn lady whose relationship with her was only because of her mother.

“We could have parted long ago but her mother had a big role in our relatoonship” Gen. Salim told the mourners.

“The late  was my  good business partner not my wife.”Gen. Saleh added.

Sources from the family who asked not to be named say Gen. Saleh paid UGX 100 million as traditional marriage but the fact, he denied.

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