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What happened, why the British colonial Harry to give Ugandans Independent and yet Africans Countries fought for independent


!By Ocaya p’Ocure

Fellow Ugandans and Kinfolks,
Clearly, let us agree to disagree since, I must sate that the history of this ‘our’ beloved country we call Uganda has been fake because it lacks its own identity to say the least. Reason, I must state that it had been cobbled by Colonial Brits based on ‘Tribal ethnic majority syndrome,’ rather than it being done on a natural construct and concept or context and named such as Nile Basin States. Fundamentally, as one starts to read our historical narratives right from before the Lancaster House Conference for the political Independence of this large landscape you may find we were forced by the Brits to enter this fake state without our own voices having been heard if any were put across by the stakeholders at the time.
YEAH, there were historical narratives in the books of Karugire, Kabwegere, Kasozi and many others highlighting the issues of the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and Buganda Kingdom regarding the Lost Counties, which the Brits took as the main concern for the Independence Uganda to be instead of a natural name of this new state to be rather than the ‘Tribal ethnic Majority syndrome,’ which they the Brits created as a political time bomb for this new State that had bedevilled our citizens till tomorrow. To me, I must repeat, I would have loved the first Agenda of that Conference to have been that the Brits should leave us alone and go their own ways and let us try to move forward by ourselves to craft our own destinies for the State and wishes according to our own interests. As such if the Buganda Kingdom had declared herself Independence on the 08th – October, 1962 as had been reported, we others should have accepted.
Again even when the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom as well wanted to take the same action, we other Uganda should have accepted.
Later, the rest of these virgin landscapes, Bugishu, Karamoja, West Nile and the whole old Northern Uganda to South Sudan should do as well as they wanted. Batoro, Rwenzori, Kigezi etal should even do the same and at the end of the day we build a collective Federal States of the Nile Basin Country of equals among the equal folks with our wealth or poverty and move forward. Sadly, the Brits and their inviter deceived us and later left us with some sorts of managed political opposition as some observers are calling them today.
None of the stakeholders at the time could dare to speak such clean concern out about political party oppositions in Uganda at that time till today. Those days, the NUPs ideal or ideas were not thought of and, or born but, I think the condemnation of politicians and, or politics of today is valid but not very much. I think, we must agree that today Uganda is 58 years old but, when one reads this missives by Lawyer Karoli Ssemogerere, one may interprets it as of the sense utopia of celebration moods had ended long time ago hence Ssemogerere must leave their always drumbeat of ‘peace and politics of sleeping’ brought by the NRA/M7 banditry regime some 36 years ago.
FRANKLY, we have heard a lot of song about peace and politics of sleeping, brought by the NRA/M7 banditry regime some 36 years ago and still counting, but let us not forget that due to massive corruption by the regime’s disciples more than 100 Ugandan children are reportedly born dead in government hospitals daily in Uganda please! Despite the heavy euphemism, Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere Paul, the very father of Lawyer, Karoli Ssemogerere could not tell us the heads or tails of how Dr. Lutaakome Kayiira Andrew was murdered in cold blood when Dr. Kawanga Ssemogerere Paul was the Minister of Internal Affairs.
At times, one may want to keep his/her mouth shut! Though sometimes, as one had been provoked one must open his/her mouth and may say what many people might not want to hear as this one of Lawyer Karoli Ssemogerere the son of Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere Paulo is insinuating about the 1966 political crisis between Mengo and Central government led by OBOTE. Agreeable, the late OBOTE (R

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