In 2014 to 2015 the then Aruu MP Odonga Otto maliciously allegedly bullied Acholi Paramount Chief and went with UGX 139 million

The 294 billion Shillings power station is partly funded by the African Development Bank (ADB). It is owned and was developed by Aswa River Power Energy – ARPE Uganda Limited.

PADER-UGANDA: Acholi chief including the Chairman Local Government District Council V have raised concern over Aswa Dam Construction on a number of issues involving Aruu MP County as being part of the fraud.
Odonga Otto, the current MP for Aruu South is being accused of conning Acholi Paramount Chief, David Acana over the district land in Amii Lobo village which was not paid.
Prompting Odonga Otto to get the signature from Rwot Acana who signed for UGX 700 million, later he went with the document and presented to head Hydro Power Dam of Aswa River which he got UGX 700 million, Sources from Acholi Ker Kwaro alleged.
The matter was raised on 3th December 2018 after two years when the construction failed to meet with the community, the Power station is one in a cascade of five power stations planned on Aswa River.
The are expected to produce 109 megawatts, but ended up to produce 300 megawatts which is now connected to power distribution, but was expected to distributed via a 132 KV high voltage transmission line to a substation in Lira where it will be sold to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited -UETCL
Pader district local government claimed that the over ongoing construction of Hydro Power dam on Aswa River, The 100 megawatts power dam is founded at Burlobo village in Pungole Parish in Angagura Sub County
When Pader District Chairman Geoffrey Larogo Oringa questioned the Hydro Power dam Company on resolved question of land acquisition, the right of construction line query about the project, he placed the question of land issues, the Chairman inquired had admitted that although the land belong to the Aswa Ranch was for community they have rights for royalty, the Company never pay money to the district
Sources from Acholi Ker Kwaro on anonymous revealed that when Odonga Otto secured the deal, he came back and gave UGX 50 million to Rwot Acana. This made Acholi paramount chief grow annoyed with Odonga Otto who collected his signature early and presented it to the said Hydro construction Company, he could not do anything, Sources added.
”Odonga Otto came to Rwot Acana and persuaded him to sign the document, telling him that the UGX 700 million is part of land acquisition for construction side of Aswa Hydro power dam at Amii lobo village, and when Rwot Acana appended his signature, he went to PAC SpA, an Italian construction company and they gave him the said money. But he came and gave UGX to Rwot Acana, the rest is history.” Source mooted.
Aswa Hydro Power dam initially signed the construction contract with the Uganda government to build the dam at UGX 294 billion power station which was partly funded by the African Development Bank (ADB). It is owned and being and being Developed by Aswa River Power Energy-ARPE Uganda Limited.
Hon. Odonga went further to convene the meeting at Amii Lobo village with the community at a sensitization meeting, the alleged con MP Odonga Otto gave UGX 5,000 to every person who turned up for the consultation meeting. Odonga was allegedly to have directed every member present to sign for the document.
Later he went and presented the document to Aswa Hydro, Director of Italian power dam, alleging that the community had agreed, presenting the signed document to them.
Later, instead of giving power lines, Odonga opted to extend the boundary of Acholi Ranch, Aswa Ranch and Pagee Ranch to 14 kilometer inside Lamwo district, grabbing the areas of Eng. Hilary Onek Obaloker, land which is allocated in Palabek Gem.
Lazarus Obbo, the areas Government Councilor III for Angagura Sub County confirmed that Odonga Otto, the then MP for Aruu County in around 2014 to 2015 called for political really for sensitization at Angagura, Tebeyo where he purported registered people who were present and later used the document and presented to Uganda Livestock Industry to acquire land tile for Aswa Ranch
Obbo says later Odonga who was their Area Member of Parliament together with Uganda Livestock Industry before getting UGX 130 Million from the Aswa Hydro Italian power dam first registered Aswa ranch.
During registration they duos extended the boundary of the three Aswa ranch, Acholi ranch and Pagee ranch and later they went claims the money from the Hydro dam power construction.
“Wait we are going to meet soon and give you the document of the said Odonga’s deal, unfortunately one Sabuka the worker of Uganda Livestock Industry died. We are going to team up with the community of Aruu South to decamping Hon Odonga Otto, wait and see.” Obbo reasoned before hanging up his phone
Sparking deep conflict between National Resistance Movement (NRM) ruling party that they are behind land grabbing in Acholi Sub Region, and little did the community know that it was Odonga Otto who is behind the fuse, the community in Angagura Sub County have been left wondering.
It has been confirmed that he pocket yet another UGX 600 million, Oola although says he came when the matter took place, he did not deny it.
Ambrose Oola, the Prime Minister at Chiefdom (Acholi Ker Kwaro) when contacted for comment acknowledged that the incidents occurred before him taking up the job.
“I am aware of that, but the incidences happened before I was appointed Prime Minister for Acholi Ker Kwaro.” Otherwise I will follow up the matter later and inform you.
The attempt to contact Odonga Otto has been futile when his known phone number has been ringing, he went without answering at 3.15 PM local time.
Odonga Otto has been cited in many land conflicts in Acholi Sub Region appearing as a beacon of hope, in many occasions he has been involved in shadow deals, like Aswa ranch, and Aruu fall in Pader. Also, in Amuru hot spring where he and Olanya Gilbert the MP for Kilak South have been accused of buying hot springs which a tourist cites in northern Uganda.

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