Who destroyed Bosmic Otim, it was a matter of a phone call, or UGX 20 million to poor guys in Uganda National ExaminationBoard

Otim Bosmic with the People Power Movement supporter

A month when Otim Bosmic crossed  to the National Resistance Movement, (NRM) the ruling party, little did he new that the very party he  was dear to  would play dirty game to him. Now Lucky Bosmic “Singer” crying foul has no where to run to.

The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education result (UACE) has put a nail into coffin, Bosmic Otim long journey to political career.”

GULU-UGANDA:  Hopes of the people in Kitgum have been dashed following singer Bosmic Otim’s dismal performances in the just released Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education – UACE results which he failed.

Bosmic, a singer famous for hard hitting political songs was seen as the candidate capable of ousting Beatrice Anywar who the people of Kitgum believe betrayed them after she joined the ruing National Resistance Movement – NRM party, a party not very popular in the district.

Last week while performing in Kitgum, the singer was booed with some shouting “failure, failure, failure get out of stage.”

Tony Olanya Olenge, the northern Uganda Coordinator for People Power political pressure group says Bosmic is a political liability stating that his time has came to pass.

Bosmic has however dismissed the UACE result blaming UNEB, the examination body of sabotage

Tony Olanya Olenge verbatim.

Dear Ugandans we are writing in relation to an interview by William Otim (Lucky Bosmic) “Singer Bosmic Otim explains why he met Museveni, quit people Power,” published on 09 Feb. 2020 in the Daily Monitor.

In the interview Mr. Otim asserted that the People Power has failed to support and cater for him and his family’s welfare. Otim further alleged that when he was assaulted by the police, the People Power failed to offer him access to medical care and security.

The assertion by Otim is misleading, distorted and inaccurate. Following the arrest and assault of Otim Kay by the police, the people Power National Movement offered him access to legal services and organized for the movement’s President.  Robert Kyagulanyi (MP Bobi Wine) to meet him, the People Power UK, which is part of greater People Power Movement donated UGX 1.638,094toward medical treatment.

Otim explained that the People Power incited people against him and called for his dismissal from the organization, Otim claimed that the People Power is concerned with the people from the central region and that there has been unwillingness on the side of the People Power leadership to assist officials who have been arrested.

Or, detained and that there has been unwillingness on the side of the People Power leaders including Kyagulani and flown abroad for medical treatments whilst people like him have to meet the cost of their medical care. Sadly, as People Power deputy youth Coordinator for Greater Northern Uganda Otim Bosmic not to have fully engaged himself.

Nor, grasped the core visions and values of the People Power as a political Movement and seemed only interested in promotion of disinformation campaigns against the People Power, as a political Movement, the People consists to build and safeguard a free open society. It does not incite violence against the person or state, but promote values of liberty, equality, and cooperation with all Ugandans, not confrontation.

Otim stated that the “Struggle being led by the People Power is a sugar-coating revaluation that favors only a few people, but not all citizens of this whole nation.”   This unbalanced statement ridiculed, attacked and portray the People Power as a tribal outfit is baseless and is a smear being fed to Otim people who are frighten of the commitments by the People Power to free Uganda from decades of oppression and tyranny and it must be condemned by all right thinking people.

The People Power seeks genuine openness and equality with all opposition agencies and people of Uganda without exception. We champion a society where everyone I treated with dignity, equality and respect irrespective of their background, ethnicity, tribe, gender, sex and seek to build united national Movement that is inclusive of Ugandans from all walks of life and regions.

Issued by the People Power UK Communications and Publicity Unit London, United Kingdom officialukpeoplepower@gmail.com

















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