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Prof. Dr. Alphonse Okwer, as known by his village mate Lamin-Rwot, in Odek Sub County, the much loved by his people, native Acholi from Puramga chiefdom, groomed to be a leaders to protect his people, but he was caught up in a political storms where sadden death has become the order of the day.

Like St Janani Luwum killed by Uganda dictator Amin in 1977, few of St Janani Luwum witnessed his burial,  and Prof Dr. Okwera few of his people witnessed his burial, as the COVID-19 pandemic lock down stop all movement. who even failed to visit him when was hospitalized, we miss you Dr. Okwera.

Prof. Dr. Okwera, could have not died, if his people stand with him during his trying moment. But even Mulago National Referral Hospital where he was Director for Tuberculosis TB, supported him by releasing his packages for NSSF, only to landed in a wrong hand in the name of sympathizer since he was bed ridden.

Biography of the late Prof. Dr. Alphonse Okwera

Born on 15th December 1955 to Masimino Owor of Kal-Orimo, and the late Awor Karamella Owor of Palaro Obur Puranga chiefdom.

Prof. Dr. Okwera went to Odek Primary School for his Primary Leaving Examination where he passed highly in Primary Leaving Examination got 167 for both English and Mathematic.

Prof. Dr. Alphonse sat for his “O” Level where he got 8 Aggregate for 8 subjects, and sat for his Advance Cambridge Certificate Education to Lango College in 1969 to 1974.

Prof Dr. Alphonse Okwera joined Makerere University where he studied internal Medicine Surgery, Paediatic, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Public Health; in 1981 he was awarded Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of general surgery Degree by Makerere University.

In 1986, he graduated with Master of Science in International Community Health, from University Liverpool, United Kingdom.

In 2018, PHD Medical Microbiology, College of Health- Makerere University.

Short courses

1989 June-August Infectious disease case Western Research School of Medicine Cleveland Ohio, USA.

1995, October Research Method in Respiratory disease Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Megill University Montreal-Canada/ held at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Nairobi.

2000 Feb. Post Graduate Course in Management and Control of 18, National Jewish Research Center, Denver Canada, USA.

2006 April ,  principals of qualitative research clinical medicine Department of Public Health and Family Medicine University of Birmingham, USA.

2008, August, the Peadiatic Chest Radiography course University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.

2012 November, World Health Organisation International Course Chest Radiography –Nairobi Kenya.

Work Experience

1981-1982 As an intern did his internship at the department of Medicine and Surgery Mulago Hospital

1982-1985 medical officer TB Control Center Mulago Hospital.

1987 date medical officer social Grade

1980-2017, Head of Tuberculosis TB Center Mulago Hospital.

1996 for the time of his demise Investigator Makerere University case Western Research.

Honorary Lecture Department of Medicine School, Medicine College of Health Science Makerere University.


–Investigator with the Makerere University Lung Institute

-He also retired from Public services

At the time of his death, Prof. Dr. Alphonse Okwera was working with Principal Investigator with Makerere University case Western Research Lung Institute, and as a professor with the Department of medicine microbiology school of biomedical science and Makerere University College of Health Sciences Science and Makerere University College of Health Science.

Affiliation / Membership

1990 to the time of his demise

-Member Uganda Medical Association

-Member International Union against TB and Lung diseases (IUATLD)

-Member international HIV/AIDS society

2000-2006 Member of working group on strategy of WHO

2003-2005 Member Executive Director of Uganda Society for Health Scientists

2013 to the time of his demise Chairman MDR-TB panel Mulago Regional Referral Hospital and TB

Board Member Technical Committee Malaria Consortium, Makerere University.

2015 to the time of his demise, Board member Technical Committee Lung Health Institute of College of Health Science, Makerere University.

Board Member Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and University Teaching Hospital


Prof. Dr. Alphonse has peer reviewed over 110 publications associated with treatment of TB and HIV/AIDS with the Makerere University Research collaboration as well as several studies sponsor by NHCDC, WHO, NH/TBRU and others


Prof. Alphonse Okwera had a worm heart, a God fearing person, humane and intelligent, he would not use words like, ”I don’t have”  or I cannot help you.” But would try his words like help financially and in serving as a medical person, he also had a passion for education and contributed immensely in educating his brothers and their children.

At the time of his demise, he was the Chairperson of Luo Community in Naguru Church and also the Vice Chairperson of Gulu Arch Diocese Laity Association leaving in Kampala.

Prof. Alphonse Okwera grew up as very humble boy and up to secondary school level, could still help his mother prepare meal by grinding millet and sesame, and fetching water.


Spouse:  He is survived with a widow Mrs. Arach Catherine Okwera

Children: 6 {4 female and 2 male}

Grandchildren 5{4 girls and 1 boy}















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