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Ofundo Opondo a.k.a OO, your name follows you. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) spokesperson taunted members of Uganda Opposition Parties last week during the frontline estate talks shows of NBS, on Thursday what the opposition can do. What are your next moves putting the last nail on the coffins of Uganda Democratization with war monger adage?

Ugandans have been boxed in the corner to choose between Uganda  President Museveni and his anointed son Gen. Muhoozi as the opening converse for votes country wide mobilization, while the Members of Uganda leading Opposition National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi faces tear gas and life bullet in their attempt outsmart the long Ugandan dictator oligarchy President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni 37 iron rule.


President Kaguta Yuweri Museveni Kaguta according to Uganda records indicated that is the longest ruling president has been in power for the last 37 years, followed by Dictator former president Idi Amin who ruled for 8 years from 1971 to 1979.

Both of them has hole mark of autocracy the Black Star News political analyst observed

The Members of the Ugandan Opposition Parties who appeared on Front line a political talk show on NBS TV, Salamu Musumba, Joel sesonyonyo, Mukassa Mabide, when they were challenged by NRM spokesperson Ofundo Opondo and Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi asked the opposition’s parties on their political ideology for leading this country, the ruling members posed questions to the opposition’s panelist during the talk show, “what can they do, what are your next moves?”

In response to the NRM hardliner ruling organs, party stalwart, Salaam Musumba told them off, that Uganda political leadership transition has been ring fenced by President Museveni and his Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba then what else  can we do.

“Do you want me to die, what is currently happening in Uganda is a generational coup,” Salaam Musumba fired back.

Salaam Musumba in a disappointed voice sounded, and said should she organize an event for people to demonstrate on the streets she will be killed.

“Do you want me to be crush by vehicle, or poison, all of you Ofundo Opondo and Christ Baryomusi, Salaam Masumba reasoned, while Mukassa Mabide and Joel Ssonyonyo joined the chores,” stinging them

Mukassa Mabide who announced that  currently he is the Democratic Party Presidential General and acting as DP party President on behalf of Norbert Mao who have make re-joiner with NRM ruling power to advocate for the political transition, when challenged by the ruling power agents, the groups of  Mukassa Madide and his colleagues members of the opposition who appeared on NBS TV talk show told Ofundo off , says Norbert Mao who joined Uganda ruling government, allegedly saying Norbert Mao is a bacterial of the members of opposition. disclosed that Norbert Mao, the Justice Minister, as the Democratic Party has entered into MoU, with the Government with an agenda to advocate for Uganda Constitutional Review Commission that will pave the way for Uganda democratic political transition process.

“Mukassa Mabide warns that should Norbert Mao fail, we shall begin from there.” Mabide warns.

Joel Sesonyonyo challenges NRM spokesperson Ofundo Opondo says what he alluded for tantamount to a mockery and abuses of state power, says what else can National Unity Platform political party do, when our party stalwart is being arrested and dumped in safe houses all over the country by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence CMI operative by the use of drone vehicles.

“And yet, you are challenging us, what about you, are you going to survive poison and about the cardiac arrest heart attack the new phenomena including being a motor accident crush, you are also walking cops.” Sesonyonyo warns the dos.

President Museveni and Gen. Muhoozi are in a mock political race.

The Black Star News political analyst observation according to Uganda political timeline.

In 1986 when the National Resistance Movement came to power, President Museveni came with 10 points, some of his programs were Fundamental change. Soon it became a slogan for Uganda which was obsessed with political democratization, it was easy for President Museveni to woo them. The first victim was the members of Democratic Party Opposition, the former president General Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere and all his loyalty to the NRM ruling power.

Later President Museveni who came out with socialist Leninist to the pro Eastern World, promised Ugandans that he would rule only for four years and later open political space under a single party system and called early election which elected Members of Parliament in 1989.

And later, in 1994. The then former Chief Justice, Justice Benjamin Odoke came up with the Uganda Constitutional Review commission that later on elected members of Uganda Conditional Members Delegates Member (DA) the constitutions which were amalgamated and named the 1995 Uganda new constitutions.

Later, in 1996, the first Uganda election was marred by rigging. The 1996 presidential elections, which saw the Movement’s face off with a combination of both multipartite and some of those who had fallen out with the NRM, came 11 years after the coup which saw Obote deposed by the Okello.

Dr. Kawanga Ssemogerere stood under the Inter Party Alliance, which was the only genius opposition party attempted.

How the NRM used Dr. Kizza Besigye to woes and hoodwink members of opposition parties

{However, in 2021 the attempt by Dr. Kizza Besigye who came up with  Reform Agenda slogans, the personal doctor to President,  Bush war Doctor Kizza Besigye only an attempt to create vacuum political space  which was put in limbo by the ruling NRM government  could have yield fruit, if he had agreed with the UPC alliance and DP to use the USA demand that wanted him to forced Museveni, he refused to telling off those wanted him to do so that they have learned from Obote’s regime how the Acholi and Lango had been engaged to disorganized the Obote II regime.}


All the attempts by Dr. Kizza Besigye fourth times in the reign of political attempt to challenge President Museveni status quo was only a game playing, because in 2010 and 2011 when Dr. Prof. Ambassador Olara John Otunnu was about to form single presidential candidate against President Museveni, there were members of opposition the likes of Forum for Democratic Change, JEEMA Party, DP and Conservative Party all were ready to support Dr. Olara Otunnu for single presidential bearer, to gang up against President Museveni Oligarchy regime.

What happened, later, Dr. Kizza Besigye was lured by President Museveni to ditch Dr. Ambassador Olara Otunnu, when one time he was called by his former boss when the National Resistance Army High Command was holding their top meeting in Karamoja, remote area Moroto town, Dr. Kizza Besigye was airlifted to go and attend the NRA high command top organ meeting, when he arrived, he was welcome as one of the top members.

The Black Star News Political pundit has learned that Dr. Kizza was told by his former boss Yoweri Museveni why he was supporting Dr. Otunnu, does he forget so soon that when Dr. Otunnu is calling for accountability in the Luwero triangle, Northern Uganda massacre and Mukura Teso massacre, he is not aware that is part of the war crimes atrocities.

“Forget, what you are advocating for is a candor box, get this money UGX 5 Billion and go and distribute it to members of opposition parties.”

When Dr. Kizza came back from The Karamoja region, his language changed, instead of supporting Dr. Olara Otunnu, he opted to stand alone under the FDC party ticket, and Norbert Mao also supported him to stand for DP party ticket as Presidential aspirant under.

In the end, Dr. Olara Otunnu was frustrated, to the extent that he didn’t even vote for his Uganda People Congress Party.

Again in 2016, President Museveni created yet another shadow Uganda Opposition party bearer John Patrict Amama Mbmazi, under Go Forward party ticket that was a tactful means of denying Dr. Olara Otunnu, and the person used to avoid single party strong opposition was Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2016.

Now Who is Muhoozi?

Gen. Muhoozi is the first son of Gen. Museveni who has been promoted to from Lt. Gen. to General recently, may political thinker in this country believed that his father who is the president of Uganda soon giving him president to replace him.

However, recently Gen. Muhoozi is eyeing his father seat, is moving countrywide campaigning telling Uganda that he is ready to stand come presidential polls in 2026 it seems that he is rebelling to test the popularity of president Museveni, he is being used as a yardstick to measure depth of the political limelight.

At the end, Gen. Muhoozi who wooed members of opposition including Uganda Young populations, especially the Youths, toward the end. He stepped down for President Museveni. with the hope that all his political loyalty which the youth’s population will be under Museveni, since they have hope in him.

Weak Uganda political opposition

However, members of Uganda opposition parties their glitches are silent and in adequate moves to challenges status quo, the opposition parties core value is one of the frameworks that often deployed in dealing with post-conflict societies and reconstruction is transition justice, it considered to be essential if Uganda is to achieve and end to political impunity, gross human rights violation and the reckless plunder of precious natural resources that the country has been witnessing.

Members of Uganda opposition parties are reluctant to calls for the accountability in a stronger voice, in the same demand like what is taking place in Kenya between Raila Odinga Amollo and Kenya president William Ruto, there is a correlation between unchecked impunity, weal intuitions, unaccountable governance and abject impoverishment of Uganda and its peoples, addressing impunity, economic fragility and poor governance that the opposition should have echoed to a critical step in tackling poverty and underdevelopment.

A nut-shell the major short fall without much interrogation, we have judiciary   forms and processes are sine qua non of the struggle to end political impunity, because the cadres of National Resistance Movement ruling organ instead of providing batter jurists, better courts, more vigilant prosecutions which is the hallmark separation of powers, the rule of law. The Uganda Law Society is just moonlighting with the regime, they are mere tools and approaches to legal social engineering.

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