Modern slavery is taking toll in Uganda with several witnessed from the Uganda Police Force brutality and lust for blood.

Okumu Langol Reports;

PADER: In Northern Uganda, Awere Sub County Pader district, one Odong Ngweng a village local council chairperson for Got Olal was in July arrested by police, tied up, beaten and later bundled into police detention cell at Awere Police post.


Odong was kept in communicado until community members intervened and raided the detention cell to free their local leader after three days in the coolers.

Critics say this horrible scene brings memories that keeps African population rethink trauma of the 400 years ago when Europeans subjected Africans into slave trade resulting into depopulation of the black continent.


Police simply accused the suspect of abusing office by allegedly defrauding one Santos Odyek a Lira district based businessman of 100,000 shillings.


Latim Cannon, one of the eye witnesses narrates that the police officer in charge of Awere police post Assistant Superintendent of Police Peter Okello led the brutal operation.

“Awere OC Station bundled Odong Ngwen and put him inside the cell and did not allow his wife and brothers to visit him, even food was not given to him and for three days he was living in the cold without medical attention.“ Latim narrated.


According to Latim, Odong Ngwen had intercepted Santos Odyek who moving with suspected stolen goats. He neither had movement permits nor personal identification documents.

Livestock theft is a common vice in Northern Uganda with the biggest reportedly in Lira district.


The local leaders demand for the valid documents from Odyek until he disclosed that he had purchased them from the home of retired former Regional Northern Uganda Prisons Commander, Senior Superintendent of Prisons Allan Okello in Lagile Town Council which is about three kilometers away from Got Olal village.


In response to the allegations, the former Prisons Boss denied all the allegations.


One girl whose identity could not be disclosed have been arrested in relations with the fraudulent goats` transaction.


Odyek equally pleaded guilty to have stolen the goats and accepted a fine of 100,000 shillings and a public apology to pay for his deeds.


John Okot, one of the people who rescued the local leader from police said they intervened on realizing that Odong Ngwen was about to be transferred to Lira district Police Station.


Okot narrates that they were about 15000 people who stormed Awere Police Station at around 3:00 a.m and ordered the officer in charge to who had been completely unarmed to sit down and handover the suspect to them or else he face death.

The same instruction was given to all other police officers who were on duty at the station by that time. The mission was successful after almost three hours of struggle.


“when the OC of Awere police station came out, we ordered him to sit down, we told him otherwise we are going to kill you, in turn all policemen were captured in that order, eventually we the people went and break up the police cell and removed the enslave Odong.“ Okot disclosed.


One for the police victims told Oyengyeng Publication that the Bolo community who raided the police station are civilized in their actions.


Charles Odongtoo, the Awere Sub County LC3 chairperson says all the police officers at Awere were Langi speaking people hailing from the suspected goats` thief`s homeland. He explains that the LC1`s arrest was a ploy to rescue their blood brother accused of theft.


He recalls that a team of heavily armed police officers later rushed to Awere Police Station after the attack.

Odongtoo says that the officers arrested him and rushed him to Got Olal village where the rescued local chairperson hails from.


Odongtoo was released shortly after his arrest without being charged meanwhile the police officer in charge of Awere Police station was also transferred months later after the saga.

Okot Akori, the Chairman for Bolo Pakena clan in Acholi has blamed government for using foreign speakers in Acholi land to mistreat people.


In Amuru district also Michael Lakony, the district chairperson says the Uganda Police Force is only sending foreign people in his district to cause havoc and disorganizing so that government can execute its evil plans.


“am so bitter because whenever I arrest these charcoal dealers and take them to Amuru District Police Station, they will be released as I walk back home.“ Lakony complained.


Larago Oringa, the Pader district chairperson says as leaders they are also alarmed in recent years because a team from the Ministry of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources pitched camp in Bolo Agweng Awere Sub County to conduct survey of what they never understood.


“the officials from the ministry of Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources were attacked by Bolo clan while conducting their survey in the same area until the district intervened to rescue them and negotiate with the community.“ Oringa said.



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