Fare thee-well Ogwang Cliper-Chief Justice Owiny Dollo

Fare thee-well Ogwang Cliper-Chief Justice Owiny Dollo
By. Christopher Nyeko
AGAGO-UGANDA: Chief justice of Uganda Alfonse Owiny Dollo Chigamoi ranked  the late Ogawng Philip aka Cliper, the first Acholi man to become honoree professorship after his initiative of composing the well sensational, informative, authentic, educative, inspirational and motivational songs during his lifetime
“death of an old man is like the burning of a public library ” Ogwang was the only gift God gave to Acholi . explored mourners during send off- Owiny Dollo.

on the 2,October to 3, October 2020 chief justice during the holy mass held at Christ church in Gulu city and later at the deceased home Olube village Geregere sub county in Agago district the ancestral home of the late Philip Ogwang  .Owiny Dollo continuously keep on parsing the late Ogwang that he added ogwang to the list of professor due to the intellectuality and legacy he had set.

There is no uneducated man in every part of the world who can compose, sing and play the harp  with a well detailed wiseman songs than cliper have done, Chief Justice  Dolo continued to says that out of 458 songs ogwang sung , each ones of his song  can be turns in to a  a full story book which can tell the whole past happening life  compared to the latest songs from the youth of current dates,

“Even though  Ogwang  was uneducated but he was gifted with very many skills such as washing and ironing the clothes for the rich people he was a housemaide and presidential entertainer in kitgum Hilltop Hotel where he did entertained Idi Amin Dada , Apollo Milton Obote,Gen Tito Okello Lutwa.” Chief Justice recalled.

He said, in 1975 he sung the song critizing how the president Amin a monster was killing sons of Acholi and Langi in cold blood. His song titled ”Amin opipic”. Meaning President Amin was like an eagle who picks the chicks but for his case he kills unwanted innocent people from the tribes of Acholi and Langi.

He revealed that dictator President  Amin was found of dancing the Ogwang’s song without understanding the meaning of Ogwang’  songs he was the only person who was prasing him, but when he was told the meaning of Ogwang’s song.

President Amin said he was an idiot when he realized what the song meant, dictator Amin ordered for Ogwang to be brought to him for special interrogation, a team of Uganda Army was sent to kitgum to look for him.

However, luck was with him, instead luckily and wisely the the monster Uganda Army soldiers came to him, that how Ogwang used trickery mounters money and escape from them after giving them fall information when the Uganda Army asked him who was Ogwang.

Justice Owiny Dollo says Ogwang was the special gift from God to  Acholi , Acholi from diaspora and from Ugandans raised fund and jointly constructed for him a  permanent building resident of two bed rooms and a store.

Chief Justice Owiny Dollo who called the late Ogwang was his best friend  also as being son of the soil from Agago district had put Ogwang on pension UGX 100,000 on a monthly, he promised to continuous paying the Ogwang Penson for the next 16 years , Justice Owiny Dollo made the promised.

“I was bonded to Ogwang because our mother were name sex they share the name “Angom”. we are initiating the foundation names ”Ogwang Clipper  foundation” to promotes Acholi culture as he was a diehard in promoting  Acholi cultural norms of the Luo.”

Local music promoters in Gulu praise the late Ogwang.

Akanyango who is the songs sellers and promoters in Gulu city revealed  to journalist that he sold Ogwang’ songs and got money that help him paid his children up to university level.

“I normally   call him, recorded his song and give him some facilitations, on the other days when traditional gala event were organized in Gulu City,I used to invites him, Ogwang  could  be part of the traditional artists to record their songs.” siad Akanyango.

Rt. Rev bishop Johnson Gakumba who was the main celebrants during the holy mass for send off the late Acholi icon singer Ogwang, on his summon advised the local artists in the Region to compose the song that contain teaching and promotes good cultural norms as well as the kingdom of God than exhibiting their musical talent in promotion of bad culture and exiling closely in to the public.

“I beg those front liners to look for the copyright to help the musician get the benefits of their intellectual knowledge.” the out going Northern Uganda Anglican Bishop Johnson Gakumba exonerates the late Ogwang.

Okumu Langol Livingstone who could have not joined the main celebrants send off of the late Ogwang, because he was admitted in the 1990s while working in Radio Uganda was the promoter of Ogwang Cliper Nanga songs.
one of those song, the most prominent was, ” Awobe odong ikona kilak, Omera Lwenyo ki Atero Madi, Latin oweko paco dong malik.” Okumu recalled.

“The late Ogwang Cliper was a humble gentlemen , a man of a few word, but play both Larumu and Ogodo Nanga song very well.”
We missed him, the late Ogwang, may God of Labongo’s be with you.

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