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Finally Acholi traditional justice system of Mato oput, as Kanyimunyu bowed 6down before Acholi chief begged for mato Oput

By Kitara in London

Wrong Mr Oloya

There is no precedents to Mato Oput being applied outside the boundaries of Acoli. Someone tried to give that example too as an Ongon but I am afraid it must be used as an anti-thesis against use of Mato Oput outside Acoli borders.

In 1985, hurriedly for reasons best known to those who thought wise, they convened a political meeting in Palaro in Gulu District between UNLA and the West Nilers which resolved that the WestNile factions which were fighting Obote’s Government unite and reconcile with the UNLA which was the government army then. That enabled them to come out of the Bush and go to Kampala to join the Tito Okello Government.

These were the same West Nile factions who then made a deal with Museveni in 1886 & the Moses Ali’s still reap benefits from it to date. That was not Mato Oput except the Acoli explanation given was “wan dong wamato Oput woko ikinwa lweny dong bibedo peke ikinwa”. Slme of our people use the word ‘mato oput’ metaphorically.

If that was Mato Oput, how comes the bitter Oput concotion which was used to reconcile us is not killing the Madi who are killing people in Apaa? How about the West Nile commanders who personally oversaw killings in Acoli during the insurgency? Mato Oput if you accept it as a means of resolving conflicts between yourselves, has to have a consequence if its breached. Elders will bless you and exorcise the bad spirits onto any individual who will break the pack to bare the full brand.

We need to be careful what we wish in this very noble applicable system.

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