The aura ground at Seared Heart Girls' Secondary School in Gulu City, appear cool like Mrs. Janet Kataaha Museveni is waiting Uganda President


From first appearance humble humility, Uganda first lady Mrs. Janet Kataaha Museveni made a moving statement on Friday, 14, July ,2023 at Seared Heart Girls Secondary School on the current moral decadent swiping across primary and post-secondary academics.   


“When we were growing up, once a child is found doing wrong things any parent would take the responsibility to beat that child and take her or him to their parents, and the parents of that child would be happy. But, on this day the parents would drug you to the court of law for beating their child.” Mrs. Janet Museveni advises both parents, teachers and over 4,000 students in attendance.


GULU CITY- MONDAY 17, July 2023. For the first time since National Resistance Movement fought their way to captured power from Gen. Tito Okello’s military Junta in 1986, Mrs. Janet Museveni while addressing over 4,000 students and school management at Seared Heart Girls Secondary School decries the plight of moral decadent and visas of western influence.


It is a real pleasure for me to be here today and to have an opportunity to talk to you about the journey of our lives in this season.


Mrs. Janet Museveni argues that today, she has come to remind you that, while God has a plan for your lives, your destiny is largely determined by the life choices you make.

As a result, you must have a purpose to keep within God’s destiny and design for you.


Your facilitators have discussed with you a number of critical issues, which you should be mindful of, in order to live successful and meaningful lives.  Please beware that as you return to school, determined to put everything you have learned into practice, you may be confronted with a wide range of negative influences, or so many challenges that will try to keep you from pursuing the path of sexual purity and self-leadership, the wise usage of media and technology and the determination to apply the Godly world view in all your choices.



The world we grow up in, it takes a village to teach a child because you cannot misbehave even if your mother was not seeing you, because he or she could have grabbed you and taken you to your parents, that was the society.


Adds, the children are growing up like trees, they are now aware of social media, watching television on phonography, God does not like those characters.

When you deploy me in any position, I will take that deployment, because it is God who has deployed me, she will take it with care.


“I feel in my heart if we are horning, when you look at this beautiful land it a shame to live hunger, do without food it hard to live in this way we labor to bring glory to God, that is why we are working

every day because God is f=guiding us as we bring this character of children.


I am grateful to our Partners in Development, who continue to work with us to promote the wellbeing of our children-the next generation. My sincere appreciation also goes to the Uganda AIDS Commission leadership and National Population Secretariat, for your prance, practical support and general partnership in this venture. Your participation in the last few months has been extremely instrumental to this success.” Mrs. Kataaha Museveni alluded.

Mrs. Janet Kataaha Museveni pleaded with the Head teacher and school management who revealed that God is putting us together one by one because of our children, even the teachers who are looking after our children because they do not know the syllabus.


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