Who is behind Apaa killing? Event security is complaining and they are victims too.


The year 2024 is in the making, just three days, as we take stock of the year 2023, what are the events that have been prominent to the citizens of Uganda.

The issues of Balaalo, the Karamojong cattle rustlers, The Apaa and Acholi Cultural degeneration top up, or dominated the Acholi Agenda.

Let us begin with the Apaa issues, from 30 November to 30 December 2023 there have been four attacks in Apaa, on the 30, November 2023. The Madi community came and attacked the Acholi community, where more than 80 people were killed, according to information gathered by the Oyeng Yeng online publications.

The following day on December 1, 2023. The Madi community was reportedly organized to come and make a retaliation attack, because in the previous attack they had suffered heavy casualties, according to Mike Lakony, the Amuru District Local Government in his communication to Oyeng Yeng news desk.

However, the Trabal attack by the Madi community on that night was blocked by Uganda People Defense Forces UPDF, Brig. Gen. Kabango, Gulu 4th UPDF Division commander.

The Madi tribal clashes are (Okom Oyoko Langwec.) literally it was long overdue. because as the Acholi community had no knowledge of what was taking place in Apaa, the so called migrants had seenked to Joka forest, within the Apaa enclovement numbering over 80,000. And what was next, the Madi turned their hanger on them, killing them in hundreds.

When President Museveni, the UPDF Chief-in-Command learned that, the Apaa has become the killing ground, he ordered the arrest of Col.Benard, the UPDF 502 Bridge Commander who is now facing UPDF court Marchale in Makindye Military Barrack.

Information reaching Oyeng Yeng news desk, indicates that with the latest development in Apaa leading to massive killing, the 80,000 migrants were ordered to leave, and evacuation started immediately.

However, the up to date, the killing is still taking place, and according to intelligence sources, indicated that even the mighty UPDF soldiers has not been spare, one of the UPDF Sgt. is now a victim of the Apaa killing.
Information revealed that, the first batchof the 80,000 migrants who had left early was brought back by UPDF, under clear surcomstance, and they are now become targetted.

What is shocking, is that, according to the UPDF 4th. Division spokesperson, who in confidence talk to Oyeng Yeng news desk, revealed that the UPDF forces has been deployed along the Madi and Acholi boundary, but still the killing has not been halted.

An inside source from Uganda Military Intellegency mooted that, the killing which is taking place deep in Apaa, should it happens outside the Apaa area, the Balaalo issue would have not been there. Because, the forceses which behind the Apaa killing is silent forces.

The Baalo eviction is on going

In Atiak Sub County, the Balaalo which was taken to Adee Kona in Oroko Sub County, over 2,000 cattle has been transported out of Gulu District during Christmas period.

So far the Balaalo animals from Atiak Sub County is still in thousands in Okidi Paresh, which mean, the Balaalo activity is still prominent in west Acholi. although according to information gather so far revealed that some bad element is taaking place, because the animals that belong to Balaalo in Paibona Sub County was killed, those are behind the killing has not been brought to book.

Cattle rustlers

The Karamoja cattle rustler, since August last year 2023. the issue has been dealt with, since the deployement of Local Defense Forces LDU, in Agago District and Kitgum district district. Although there has been spordict killing of innocent people in Orom Sub County, last week an old man was beaten unsonscioues left for death, but by God luck he survived.

According to political pundit, veiw the Balaalo issues, the Karamajong cattle rustlers in the same vian. while the Karamojong ctlle rustlers are being disarmed because the Kampala regime tug them of having illegal guns. But, the Balaalo nomard cattle keepers since they are in government, they areallow to rom with their animals and keep guns which they used as weapon to protect themselves.

Should and body, from Acholi or a northerner who are view by the Kampala regime as arch enemy of the regime, that person whould be pick and his remain would not be even trace.
Gurre Kacoke Madit me pongdwongo.

The political ananylst in the Great Lakes Region oberved that since the Kampala regime short their was to reign of power almost 38 years ago, Acholi community had suffered alot, both politically, physically, Psycologically reducing them to be non citizens.

And yet by 1900 when the Europeand and British colonial power sewpt the contenent of Africa, when the first European citizen stept in the Central Luo, now called Acholi.

According to one of the Acholi icon, Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Chagmoi report during the Pongdwongo Gurre Madit, alluded that Sir Samuel Baker wrote in his own book that when he travased the all African region. when he came to Acholi Lou land. Those people treated him like their equal.

“When i had arrived in Luo land, those chiefs arranged sitting stool in circile, and asked me to sit in any of them. and we sat in circle together with them. But in all where he had traveled. he Sir Samuel Baker was treated as special guest.” Sir Samuel Baker record in West Ministers Abe acrive” Justice Owiny Dollo echoed.

According to Amb. Dr. Prof.John Ckalres Olara Otunnu, the former UN Under Seretary for Secruity Coucil and Under Seretry for Children and Women Humanitarance Assistance. while quoating the late John Om=nyango Odongo Ki Lukor, says at the advent of Uganda Independent. Son and Daughters of Acholi out of 23 Pernmenent Seretary, 8 were from Acholi Sub Region.

And by 1950 to 1960s, Acholu Sub Region were second to East Mego region interm of education, all the four Deans of fucalties of medicine in Makerere University were son from Axcholi Sub Region. By the time when Uganda achieved her independent, most top head government paracetail bodies was headed by people from Acholi Sub Region.

Citing Semyi Nyanzi, the former as Director of Uganda Develolment Cooperation UDC, which was Uganda Paracetial body, under UDC as paracetial body were Uganda Railway, Uganda Linmarketing Body, Uganda Fish Net Industry, Uganda Hotel Management, Uganda National Game Park, Uganda Coffee Marketting Board, Uganda Food and Beaverage, Uganda linmakerting Board, Uganda Nigtile Board, Uganda Dairy Cooperation, were all managed by people from Acholi Sub Region.

The Acholi community who were rated as the most well organised, interm of skills, knowledges, managemenrial, diplomacy, international relation. But we are now rated as the most poorer in the region, where poverty is at 68 percent. the community where lazyness is at top.

However, with the latest Pongdwongo Gurre Madit, what amuse me, just to see Ben Okello Loum lining up duing lunch time, and many diginitory son s and duaghters from the soil in attendenance of the Gurre Pongodwongo. And themetic areas that speaks vaule. it has brought sanilty.

To surprise, the Baganda community from Central Region, they have been wonder if Acholi community would sustain the Balaalo advicacy and agitation to evict Balaalo from Northern Uganda. But, has become to past. so far the Balaalo eviction is on high gear.

What started last year in Feb. at Chief Justice Owiny Dollo residences in Kampala, had gather momentum.

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