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Norbert Mao, the minister of Just ice and Consitutioal Affairs, the cantankerou Acholi politican who his nenemis say is for himsels

If my father decided to marry his fellow man, would I, Archbishop John Baptist Odama, be born?If my mother decided to marry a fellow woman, would I, Archbishop John Baptist Odama, be born? If my mother decided to have abortion, would I, John Baptist Odama, be born?

Meanwhile Betty Amongi, the Minister of Gender,Labour and Social Development praised the wedding of Norbert Mao for having united all people in the country. Norbert Mao, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, a son of Acholi wedded Beatrice Nambi, a London based businesswoman in a colourful wedding that attracted thousands of celebrities across the country at Gulu Catholic Cathedral.

By Livingstone Okumu Langol


On Saturday, June, 1st 2024. St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral of Gulu Archdiocese attracted thousands of people and a convoy of motorcades lining three kilometers from Gulu City to Juba Road heading for Minister Norbert Mao’s wedding to Beatrice Nambi.

The outgoing ArchbishopJohn Baptist Odama, was visibly elated on seeing the multitude of congregants and very important people as he celebrated the couple’s wedding. The very important people who graced the occasion included Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Chigamoi, theDeputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Thomas Tayebwawith wife Anita Rukundo Tayebwa who were respectively Bestman and Matron, the Deputy Inspector General of Police anddiplomats among others.

“The friendship has drawn all of us here today, I am the Archbishop Emeritusof Heaven (Gulu), and so you are welcome to Heaven as you refer to Gulu as Heaven.” Archbishop Emiritus John Baptist Odama said.

The first reading from Genesis 2:18-28 was done by Lawyer Francis Gimara; the second reading, Corinthians 13:1-13 was read byLamwo legislator,Hon. Nancy Acora.

Archbishop EmeritusJohn Baptist Odama in his Gospel reading taken from the book of the John 4:7-16 on the Samaritan woman came to draw water and Jesus gave her an interpretation of the living water that would quench all thirst.“What has brought us here is the ministry of truthfulness of Jesus Christ; we have come to witness how much God loves us through his son,” the man of God said.

The Archbishop Emeritus told the attentive congregation that there is no room for abortion, and no room for homosexuality, saying he would not exist if his mother had opted for abortion upon her conception with him.

“Suppose my father got married to his fellow man, was I going to be born?“If my mother got married to her fellow woman, would I be born?” The Archbishop Emeritus Odamaimplored those who are practicing abortion and homosexuality to desist from such acts.

He implored the congregation to have respect towards the children, saying the future lay with the next generation. “God’s image are the children. “See the sign when you leave home, don’t children say bye, and when you are coming back home don’t children welcome you back?”“What does that imply? “Not the wisdom of God that has been projected upon the children?” Archbishop Emeritus John BaptistOdamaasked.

State party

From St. Joseph’s Cathedral, most congregants moved to Coopil, 14-kilometer East of Gulu City where Norbert Mao made a gargantuan fantastic event, the function of a Five Star Hotel in the village of Coopil.

Hon. Betty Amongi, the Minister Gender, Labour and Social Development was all praise for Mao at the function. He described Norbert Mao as a national leader exemplified by the fact that he was the chairman of AMANI peace for East African Countries and the Great Lakes Region. She informed the gathering that Mao played a leading role in the Juba Peace Talks that ultimately led to the peace ushered in the entire country.

“We went to Juba and met Joseph Kony, the LRA chief, and Joseph Kony told us that those who wanted peace should cross to his side. Many people did not want to move where Joseph Kony told them but Norbert Mao crossed and told her Betty Amongi that if you are seeking for peace come and join me. We walked for eight kilometers in the bush and went to Joseph Kony’s side.” Betty Amongi said.

Betty Amongi said she got surprised from Garamba LRA hideout when Mao told Joseph Kony that he should sign for peace agreement, and Kony directed Vincent Otti to direct his men out of Uganda. “Although President Museveni was accusing Norbert Mao of being collaborator of the LRA, Mao was committed for peace talks,” Amongi said,

“Mao gave personal appeal to Joseph Kony that you have killed people, enough is enough, we need peace, then Joseph Kony assigned Vincent Otti to go and sign agreement Number 1, cessation of hostility.” Amongi said.

She noted that Ugandans of all walks of life and not just Acholi are able to attend the wedding deep in Gulu courtesy of the peace ushered in through the efforts of those of Mao.

“So for me, I donated five cows as part of my contribution for his weeding,”Amongi said.

Hon. Hilary OnekObaloker, Minister of Disaster Preparedness told Mao,“We thank you to stand with the nation, you have given Uganda your time. “You are very determined and you give us the leadership, and you stand up when we are in bad situation.”

He continued, “We Acholi we thank you Norbert Mao as Acholi community, we know amidst us there are other people who have their hidden agenda, but we need to give Norbert Mao chance as our own.“He suffered when he was in opposition, since he joined the government let us reap from his hard work,” Hilary Oneksaid.

Hon Hamson Obua, noted that Mao had united all Ugandans, from Teso, to Buganda, then Western Uganda they are a family of Uganda. He further noted Mao had pooled together the parliament, the judiciary, the diplomats, the military are in unison through the wedding.

Chief Justice, Justice Owiny Dollo Chigamoi said for the first time Norbert Mao had got settled in marriage.He said he was with Mao in 5th Parliament, and he contributed ably as a seasoned lawyer whose arguments were respected the world over.

He noted that the only missing thing in Mao’s life was a good wife who could manage his farm the way Beatrice is now doing.

Justice Owiny Dollo noted that Mao is an all round character who is seasoned as a politician, philosopher, a traditionalist conversant with the Luo culture.“People you think that the Baganda women are bad, see the way she has helped Mao organize his home and farm.When he had an Acholi woman previously married to Mao, how was he?“Home can be strong when you have good wife.” Beatrice the newly wedded wife is a Muganda.

“I have seen the advantage for perennial crop, I am an advocate for that.“You Acholi you are proud of soya beans, what you get from soya beans is just pocket money from our brother who grow coffee plantation in Central region.“I envy those who grow coffee and macademia plantation, I am giving Norbert Mao macademia seedlings for a five-acre plantation. Mao has established some coffee and banana plantations in his farm in Coopil where the wedding reception took place,

Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa, the Bestman promised to give Maofive cows.

Norbert Mao thanked Beatrice for standing by him and said he is consoled at last he has someone to smile with. He praised his Acholi people for being resilient noting that if other tribes had been incarcerated for over twenty years in displaced camps, they probably would have been worse off than the Acholi who are now trying to rise up from their ordeal.


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