Okidi Paul the secretary Charity Acholi London condemned Uganda tyrant on Apaa


Why are Acholi communities an exceptional, ‘Kacel wacito Anyim’?


The main purpose of this letter is to get your government to immediately protect the people of Apaa.

To ensure that the injured and displaced are provided with basic amenities and returned to their respective places and to prosecute the villains.

Your Government must provide a peaceful and sustainable solution while recognizing the rights of the “indigenous” as defined by UN.

 LONDON; On February, 8, 2019.  Acholi community in the United Kingdom attack Kampala regime for the ongoing predetermine land occupation in Northern Uganda, Acholi London base warns Uganda dictator that the regime stand to face the wrath  in the post Museveni regime. 

Paul Okidi Secretary for Charity says various documentaries further presented evidence showing that this is not an isolated case but an ongoing exercise predicting very catastrophic and systemic way of regressing the Acholi as a people; and land is now that weapon,

‘We wish to highlight a recent published anecdote that not only indicated but pointed a finger at Government for supporting such atrocities. As it were, it is always accompanied by absolute silence.’’ Okidi reiterates

He further added that we know what impunity looks like and the Acholi people continue to bear it. To this end.

 The Secretary for Acholi community argues that your government verbalization in Parliament claiming that,  the Prime Minister should table  reports on the ongoing conflict between the Acholi and Madi in, parliamentary, the reports  lacks credibility as your regime is supposed to provide security and protection to its citizens as constitutional right and obligation.’ Okidi said.

‘’ Please accept this letter in response to recent violation and unprecedented escalation of violence on the people of Apaa irrespective of the outrage expressed by various Acholi personalities. Once again, your Government has turned her back on the suffering of the Acholi people in general, and now of Apaa in particular.’’ He warned.

He argues that there have been serious allegations and reports of burning houses, exhuming dead bodies of the Acholi people, destroying crops, abductions and land confiscation by paramilitary forces.

The open letter further revealed that there have also been numerous reports of government soldiers in UWA uniforms terrorizing those living in Apaa. Various documentaries further presented evidence showing that this is not an isolated case but an ongoing exercise predicting very catastrophic and systemic way of regressing the Acholi as a people. And land is now the weapon. As it were, there is seemingly no safe place for the affected people in their ancestral land.

Okidi says Museveni’s the 33 years despot rule his Governrnmet has not put in place any meaningful measures to resolve these internecine conflicts targeting Acholi people and persons.

‘’We say this because no safeguards or interventions to protect the hapless Acholi people or persons, in their ancestral land, has been, or is seen to having been put in place. Undercover of sorts of excuses.’’

 The United Kingdom based sons and daughters say the perpetrators and people involved in these violations including Gen Moses Ali, the Deputy Prime Minister, a well-placed and known member of Uganda tyranny Museveni’s Government.

The open letter warning Museveni further that indicated that the Acholi community in London are minded adding that, there must be or should be clear and relevant preventive measures to protect all citizens and the public from attacks of this nature. Why are the Acholi an exception to this? The Secretary questioned.

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