Gurre Kacoke Madit me Pongdwongo, is the most mobilized advocacy on Balaalo must go, contrary to adage outburst that the big two Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi and Amb. Prof. Dr. Olara Otunnu hail from East Acholi, no big sort from west Acholi. Doubting Thomas go hang?
GULU CITY-TUESDAY, January 9, 2024.
The Black Star News publications teams of investigative Journalism research findings discovered that there is public outcry following on thematic Area 2: Education, Health & Other Social Services, saying the resolution was hijacked by slave masters.
The strategies which should have been key intervention for the implementation of the Gurre Pongdwongo has been master minded by Mike Teberere who read the resolutions during the three days closing of the Kacoke Madit, information collected from the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada including information from those who are residence in Uganda complained.
“The Gurre Pongdwongo Kacoke Madit which was called for by Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi and Amb. Dr. Prof. Olara Otunnu had raised good resolutions, on Balaalo invasion into Acholi Sub Region, which should have been the key strategies intervention, but the situation was grabbed by slave masters who position themselves within the armpit of Gurre Madit of Pongdwongo which came out of their own making.” The Black Star News publications teams of investigative Journalism discovered.
Did the Gurre Pongdwongo which took place on December, 27 to 30, 2023. Too late to handle the Balaalo and others tangible invitations by the Balaalo. Or the Gurre Pongdwongo was hijacked by slave masters?
The Black Star News research finding has discovered, three year ago, in 2020. Community of Oroko Sub County in Gulu District, were told that the government want to build a new city in Apyeta down whooping valley that stresses about 7 kilometers wide, and stresses up to where River Aswa and Unyama joined River Nile. The Apyeta community was told that they government was going to compensate, huge sum of money, when time come they have to evacuates their village. The Black Star News publications teams of investigative Journalism unearthed.
However, when our investigative teams contacted the leaders from Gulu District Local Government. Christopher Opiyo Atiker he was not aware of the Balaalo planned to construct new city in Apyeta, neither the Acholi Parliamentarians Group APG, headed by Anthony Akol, the MP for Kilak North when contacted played ignorance about the scheduled plan nor the big two Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi and Amb. Dr. Prof. Olara Otunnu equally was not aware.
Dr. Okech Yolum, from diaspora, United Kingdom asked Mike Teberere who has been doctoring Gurre Kacoke Madit of Pongdwongo, when the meeting had reached a concrete resolution, he came out of what was not said. Was he working for the Acholi Agenda? Dr. Okech Yolum questioned.
“I think there are slave masters who had position themselves during the Gurre Kacoke Madit of Pongdwongo.” Dr. Okech reasoned.
The questions which should be asked, 17 years ago when the Northern Uganda guns were silent, were those who allowed the situation to degenerate that the Acholi customary land tenure system became a commodity that money changed hands. Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi decried that if he had known, 17 years ago. What he has done by confronting the Balaalo invitation in the Acholi land. He would have called for Gurre Kacoke Madit, now although he failed, but now this the time.
Mike Lakony, The Chairman Amuru Local Government Councilor V, also was not in position to ascertain whether the said Apyeta City project by Balaalo was initiated in 2020 during the COVID-19 locked down, Lakony argued.
“I have not aware of the Balaalo Apyeta City construction project which is almost taking place behind us the leaders from Acholi Sub Region, but, what is going on in the region with Balaalo massive invasion to our area, it indicates that they are for the mission to alienate the Acholi community.” Mike Lakony stressed.
Okumu Ronald Regan, the former MP for Aswa County for 10th Parliamentary, Gulu District, the most senior Member of Parliament who reign from 1996 to 2021 mooted that the Balaalo issues now we are going to implement the Gurre Kacoke Madit of Pongdwongo, the issues of Balaalo massive migrant in D.R. Before migrating to the Acholi Sub Region they were called Bahema Tutsi from the D.R. Congo. They came all the way, one from Rwanda, Burundi, and East D.R.Congo, they have been coming here with guns and money from the statehouse backing.
We also have the Balaalo who migrated from Bahema in Uganda. Major General Mugisha and some other National Resistance Movement Ministers who are purported to have bought land in Acholi Sub Region, they are the people within the government of Uganda.
For example, pastoralism is simply power and money. To Bahema the cow is more important than people. The issue of Apaa is permanent who is causing chaos in Apaa, secondly, claims which come from the wildlife, the Madi community of Adjumani they did not have problem with Acholi community who are living in Apaa since time in memorial.
Thus, the solution of Apaa is that the people of Apaa have graduation tax, school and health Center III, THEREFORE THE PROBLEM OF Apaa is President Yoweri Museveni because of minerals in Apaa. Mose Alii came to Acholi District Council in 2009, asking Acholi to allow and gazette as part of Wildlife Game Reserve, but Gulu District Councils by that time refused to gazette Apaa, and later Muse Alii went to Adjumani district Council who they passed District Council Resolution to gazette Apaa to become Wildlife Game hunting ground. The people of Acholi say no by that time people had started coming back from the Internally Displaced People Camps.
“Where Mose Alii went to Adjumani asked them that they should passed resolution to allow Apaa become Wildlife Hunting ground, and the district resolution was passed”
In 2012 when the first eviction was being carried out in Apaa we found people locked up in grass thatch hurt nakes, we had to remove them from the grass thatch hurt.
Following that when Mose Alii came for talk shows he brought the LC3 OF Adjumani and said that their people are not their problems, but Madi from Sudan are the problem, Ronald Regan Okumu revealed the inside who are the slave masters in the Madi community.
Issue of the Karamojong cattle rustlers in East Acholi.
Ronald Regan Okumu argues, the solution, let the government recruit Local Defense Forces Units LDU to handle the Karamojong cattle rustlers, Home guard to be deployed along Karamojong- Acholi Sub Regions. But, the Kampala regime does not allow the Acholi community to recruit Home Guards.
Another problem that Gurre Pongdwongo should have resolved is the former Lord Resistance Army formerly abductee, those who have come back from the bush with their children, now they are nowhere to be resettled.
The influence of Joseph Kony, War Lord, those people of Ajandi from Eastern D.R. Congo they speak Acholi language influential to them, now they are treated as the Acholi from Northern Uganda. But, the government is expelling Acholi community from their land and yet president Museveni can allow their people Balaalo to stay in forest and Game Park even government ranches.
Ronald Reagan Okumu observed that we need to restore the dignity of Acholi, there are others who are being used because they got into government because of President Museveni, some element of class state struggle, we will not allow the commoner to be trumpeted.
“You will see the radical democrats” Ronald Reagan Okumu asserted.
All we want is to bring Buganda, and Bunyoro on board because they have grabbed their land and women, we need to reawaken the community in West Nile, Lango, Teso and Karamojong regions because they are being oppressed.
Gurre Kacoke Madit of Pongdwongo is the only source of unity within the Acholi community that has so far worked to dismantle the politically intricate, clandestine plan by the Bahema, the Black Star News teams discovered.
The achievement is tangible, as for the first time since the fall of Dr. Milton Obote first Uganda People Congress Party UPC, the unity which was seen in 1964, when Sebastian Okeny Atwoma Democratic Party, the then Gulu District Chairman Councilor led the teams of Councilors which includes Akera Ananias, the then Acholi Secretary General, Julius Peter Abe, Oloya Alipaiyo, Okidi Poromoi to stormed President Dr. Milton Obote when he had planned to annexed part of Agago and Omoro Counties from Acol-pii following Moroto road to become part of Lango district.
Which almost led to the downfall of Dr. Obote first UPC government, from 1964 to 2023, the Acholi community had lost political weight from the time of the Okeny Atwoma Acholi LEGICO district chairman, almost 60 years.
However, the big do Amb. Prof. Dr. Olara Otunnu and Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi throw spanner into the wheel. Why the Acholi political might has been destroyed, and why now?
The Acholi community suffered political turmoil when President Idi Amin Dada made the military purging of Acholi Uganda Army, the Uganda Police Forces, and Uganda Prison including all sons in civil servants who had formed the backbone of the Dr. Obote first regime.
Thus, at the advent of President Museveni shoot his way to helm of power, the Acholi manpower sons and daughters fled to political exile including the like of the senior civil servants hailing from Acholi Sub Region, where most of the people had from both political power and civil servants had abandoned the bulk of Acholi community at the mercy of savage’s regime of Kampala.
Amb. Prof. Olara Otunnu attempted to dismantle the hidden plan against the Luo in 2009, and when he opted to vie for Presidency under UPC, that was the biggest mistake Dr. Olara Otunnu made it it it, because, if he did not vie for political position, President Museveni was quaking in his chair. But now, the Balaalo must go movement lead by Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi and more two Ministers, Hilary Onek Obaloker, and Oryem Okello who confronted President Museveni daring him that should they move back and join Acholi community in their quest to kick the Balaalo out of Acholi Sub Region, his power will be dismantle.
The three big wigs, finally retreated to joined Acholi community under Gurre Pongdwongo, Kacoke Madit, and that is why President Museveni told the Balaalo not to go head to begin construction Apyeta City 80 kilometers North of Gulu City.
A month ago, when the social activities, began to attack the Balaalo from Oroko Sub County in Gulu District and in Okidi Parish, Atiak Sub County. The Balaalo was ferried back to Rwanda in three buses, but now they have started regrouping coming back.
The Balaalo political guru they are using high court system to battle for the human rights, on Januarys 4, 2024. Sisto Ochen, the Lamwo District Chairman Local Government was picked by Lamwo district Police Commander and they are now facing criminal trespass and assault cases in Kitgum court.

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