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STOCKHOLM: Nocrach Opwonya still peruse his dream to units Acholi both in Uganda and diaspora  to stand with Christine Akello Lutara endeavor demand for the flopped ANC

Below are the Verbatim.

Studying Lamego Akello Lutara’s open letter to Acoli, one will notice that she made a conscious decision to write to Acoli in order to get Acoli to solve their own problems.

She had three options to turn to find a solution to Acoli problems:

  1. a) Turn to the European Union, USA, China, etc
  2. b) Turn to the government of Uganda
  3. c) Turn to the people of Acoli


She chose alternative c), which was the only correct option. She instinctively chose it.

She chose to turn to the Nation of Acoli to find a solution to Acoli problems because the Nation is the largest viable entity known to man for organizing society and efficiently solving societal problems.

Wikipedia defines a nation as: “a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture”.

These are the characteristics of Acoli that made Ms Lutara turn to Acoli to find a solution to Acoli problems.

If she had chosen alternative b), that is to regard Uganda as the Nation, the characteristics listed above would be missing and a solution to the problems facing Acoli which she aims to eradicate would be near impossible to deal with.

The same applies if she had chosen alternative a), the so called “International Community”.


Confusion however descended immediately on the ANC as to whether the N in ANC referred to alternative b) or c) because in the minds of the overwhelming majority of Africans, Nation, is a word reserved for the colonial contraptions resulting from the partition of Africa in the Berlin conference of 1884. These Africans prefer to refer to the actual nations to which they belong as “tribes” even while remotely  aware, at the back of their minds that a tribe is a group of Niggers and Wenches with primitive culture who speak gibberish for a language. This inability by the African to identify the ethnic group to which he belongs as a fully-fledged nation not “tribe” and the fact of being acutely aware of “tribe” as being a group of Niggers, leads schooled Africans to try to “jump over tribe” and instead identify as belonging to a non-existent “black nation” and subsequently to adhere to the nonsensical notion of “Pan-Africanism”.


Remember there can be no black nation because:

Wikipedia defines a nation as: “a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture”.

Because the above qualities don’t apply to all blacks, blacks are not a nation and any notion of “Pan Africanism” is thus dead on arrival.

However because “schooled Africans” are so ashamed of tribe not knowing that tribe is in fact nation, there is the pathetic tendency to borrow anything “African- American” as a means of hiding from tribe.

African- Americans speak English?  Thank God that makes them a nation in the eyes of the African unlike the “tribes” back home in Africa. The impact of this is that African- American culture and Caribbean culture have been imported with all their deficiencies born out of slavery and affirmative action to supplant “tribal” culture, which in fact is national culture, in the mind of the “schooled” African.


So when Omara Atubo says Museveni should be sent to the ICC in order to solve the problem facing Lango, he is in favour of Lango problems being solved under alternative a) “International Community”.

Andrew Mwenda on the other hand says, – no, no, no you can’t send Museveni to the ICC, outsiders have never solved our problems. In this he is recommending that problems be solved under alternative b), within Uganda the false nation under which no national problem can be conclusively resolved.


I ask you my brothers and systers to consistently choose to solve Acoli problems under alternative c), for as per the definition of nation, we are a nation and a nation is the most efficient unit for solving the kinds of problems that face us.



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