The Awany's traces their root to Bolo


Angagura Primary School was busy as thousands throng to have a look at Gen. Otema Awany and Richard Todwong Deputy Secretary General

There was a man called Bolo who gave birth to three sons, the first son called Mac, the second son was Kena, the third son was called Wel.

Wel left to his mother place Pawel, where later Wel gave birth to Pawel Otwongo, Pawel Lukumu,Pamao etc. when his father Rwot Bolo died leaving Mac and Kena in Puranga.

PADER-UGANDA: The Councilor V for Angagura Sub County decries to Gen. Otema that, Bolo clan of Palami cries to Lt. Gen. Otema Awany; let us walk together from now we are no longer an orphanage.

We don’t have directive and we have Aswa ranch, we have Aswa Hydro power dam, in the past when one of our son from Angagura went to Jinja to look for job IN Owen fall dam, he was bewitch, now we have our Aswa dam, he claimed.


Dickson Ojok Councilor V for Angagura Sub County   asks Gen. Otema that he should be the voice of people and make sure that Acholi War Debt Claimants Compensation be pay, when the government released UGX 7 billion for the compensation, the money was mismanaged.

“Please present our issues to president Museveni for the war debt claimants”

The councilor present complain to Gen. Otema that there are 50 groups of cattle keepers in Aswa Ranch, but when unknown people fed on their cattle which went to destroy crops from people gardens, those cattle keepers dragged Pader District Chairman Oringa Larogo, Rwot David Onen Achana II, the Councilor V for Angagura and the LC III of Angagura. Why? The Councilor decries.

Adding that they have been charged by the 50 groups of Cattle keepers for eating 90 cattle, we do not know, Ojok urged.

“When those cattle keepers came in our areas some of them were hiring 100 acres at UGX 2 million now they are claiming to have bought land in these areas, the councilor wondered.

Okot James Kasongo the Councilor for Awere Sub County who is also the Chairman of Bolo Lamac also insisted that Gen. Otema should follow the issues of Acholi War Debt Claimants because every callers who phone in every radio station are complaining that if Col. Walter Ochora was there, the issues of Aswa Ranch, cattle compensation and land grabbing would not be there, Kasongo urged.

“Thus, this means they are asking you to work hard, Rwot Achana has been accused for eating 90 Balalo cattle, and yet Rowt Achana is Acholi paramount Chief.”

Obbo Lazarus Kidega the Councilor 3 for Angagura Sub County drop the bomb demanding and requested Richard Todwong for the district, says on behalf of all the LC3 of Aruu North they want a district, because of the only town we know as people the former Atanga and Laguti Sub Counties we know only Gulu Town which near us not even Pader or Kitgum districts, Obbo tendering the demand for Atanga district.

Gen. Otema Awany in his reaction says, “For me I don’t know that Rwot Achana, the Acholi Paramount Chief has been accused.”

This very bad, suppose Rwot Achana is before the court what a shame would be, Gen. Otema was shocked.

Gen. Otema says he know that there two groups of cattle keeper authorized President Museveni, “I need to know that.”

Obbo Lazarus come in immediately says they know only two groups in Aswa ranch, the rest of other cattle keepers came on their own, Obbo admitted.

Gen. Otema revealed that government does not refuse to pay Acholi War Debt Claimants, the government wants Acholi War Debts to open their account for verification, and you remember that there have been corruption and fraud, Gen. Otema urged.

Gen. Otema promised to build dormitory for girl child, gave UGX 2 million to the community of Palami, UGX 1 million for boda boda and SACCO UGX 1 million.

He concluded that World Bank will take over from the Uganda Electricity Rural Regulatory Authority who is constructing power line from Aswa dam to Gulu, Pader, Amuru, Agago and Lamwo districts

Richard Todwong says he will forward people’s demand for Atanga district to president Museveni, but argues Angagura community that they should votes sensibly.

“Where is your MP for Aruu North, and Odonga Otto, always when we tell you that you stand with us, when I was here during the by election, it was you my people who let me down.” Todwong asks them.

















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