Col. Wilson Owiny Omoya rejected second state burial for his farther Col. Omoya

In Puranga, once state burial took place, no more re-burial will take place.


Col. Wilson Omoya, the former Uganda Army, and once time Secretary of Uganda National Liberation Army UNLA, during short time of Gen. Tito Okello Lutua, dismisses re-burial of Col. Jogn Omoya, the former Mbarar 2ed Batillian killed in car accidant in 2968.

Rwot Yusup Okwonga Adek, Rwot Pageya submitted letter to President Museveni asking inviting president Museveni if he can allow Col. John Omoya to be re-allocated to Awerre Lapeta village, Awere Sub County.
According to the late Col. John Pmya, Collin Okello Omoya when contacted by Oyeng Yeng News desk about the message delivery by Rwot Yusup Adek to President Mseveni, on November 17, 2023. when Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi led his group, Balallo must go to meet president at statehouse.

Okello Collin Omoya, says indeed he has known about the message Rwot Yusup Adek delivered to President Museveni, and he has no problem over it.

“I had wanted to organised prayer of the late Col. Omoya, but the COVID-19 disrupted his program, but now he is organising last sendoff of my father.” Okello Omoya commented.

However, Col. Wilson Owiny Omoya dismissed the notion of reburial or transfer of his father Col. Omoya when he had learned that the latter was written inviting President Museveni for national function of the reburial of his father, source codified.

“In Puranga culture, we don’t organize state function for the second time, because when Col. John Omoya was killed in in a car accident in 1968, during his burial at St. Philliph Catedral, Gulu Church of Uganda. President Milton Obote order Uganda Army to make state burial function, so why should the sitting president Museveni through his back agent called for yet another state burial.” It can happen, Col Owiny Omoya warns.

Today in Uganda, President Museveni is found of reburial of former dignitary, the former Uganda Police Inspector Wilson Eryeniya Oryema was reburied in 2014, later Gen. Tito Okello Lutua was also his last send off was state function, Gen. Okello Olara Bazilo, his remain was brought back from Karathum. And President Museveni organised for state function.

Last year, 2023, in November, President Museveni attended Brigder Okoya, the former Deputy Army Commander during President Milton Obote I government, and during burial, something unsusal happened when he was lay the wrapth, the late Olnya Jacob aka. Forget complained to Gen Charles Otema Awany, that President has dropped somethings in the grave.

Col. Wilson Owiny Omoya, is among the last batch of seiner UNLA and seiner command still alive in United Kingdom, including Akena Pa’Jok.

Its timely that President Museveni allow Sons and daughters of Acholi who are still living in self-exile in Europeans Countries to come back, since Amb. Prof. Dr. John Charles Olara Otunnu came back from long political exile in 2008.

There is no hope, for those who are still living in exile for 10 years, to avoid meeting President Museveni, who Acholi view Museveni as Sanke in a green grass.

Acholi community believed that the reburial of Okoya has led to Palaro grabbing land, because once President Museveni made in road into Acholi, that is the end for exsisting

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