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Is really a long walk, from storytelling (Odo Do)while a student at Layibi College in 2008, he became a Red Paper insider, an author, now to a lucrative job in Gulu University tower, Ojok James Onono.

GULU CITY-WED, June, 7,2023.Gulu University former assistant communication officer Mr. Khalid Mahmud has officially handed over his office to Mr. James Ojok Onono following his new role that he has been elevated to as the assistant academic registrar of the University.

Khalid Mahmud, who previously served as the assistant communication officer Gulu University, commended James Onono Ojok for being a good team work player in the communication unit of the University. He will be directly at the faculty of business and development studies which is among faculties with the highest student population.

Khalid Mohamud said as the community of Gulu university they are to serve in any position that you are given, and you definitely have to accept the role and be able to continue with the work, he further said he will be reporting to office and working in the office of the academic registrar and directly working with the faculty of business and development studies.

However, James Onono Ojok, the communication officer Gulu University who had previously served as the public relation officer in the office of the vice chancellor expressed his readiness to work in the new office.

Mr. Onono Ojok said he has already got an office and as that the changes brought in a lot of gaps and tentatively, he is the only one remaining in the communication unit as the head and also the only head without any other officers and his next role is to ensure that the communication unit is beefed with enough human resource, adding that his critical role is to ensure that the unit has more resource, fully supported, fully funded and operational.

According to the vice chancellor of Gulu University Prof George Ladah Openjuru, the development was due to the harmonization of pay roll by the ministry of education and sports that is always done in all the public universities across the country.






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