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We have closed Uganda-South Sudan boarder, so far we have humans and drones controlling 150 kilometer boarder, we have arrested people from South Sudan who sneak into our country through Lamwo district.

We need unity to combat COVID-19 pandemic, or now we have two COVID-19 pandemic and Domestic violent among the community, we have registered homicide death in the community.

LAMWO-UGANDA: Molly Lanyero, the women MP for Lamwo district says she has presented security situation of Lamwo’s boarder on the floor of Parliament which has made the government deploy UPDF and Local Defense Units (LDU) along the Uganda-Sudan boarder.

“When I presented security concern that there are some people who cross from South Sudan, the minister of Defense later sent the 3rd Division Commander on a fact finding mission to the district, and later more UPDF and LDU  to beef up the security at boarder point.”  Lanyero reiterates.

Lamwo women MP says every Tuesday she has been attaining Lamwo District Task Force, and after COVID-19 task force, we have also created Sub County task force and village task force, which are coordinating even to the boarder point.

Hon. Lanyero disclosed to Oyeng Yeng News that the district has received 50 tonnes of food items which will be given to affected community, some of Ugandan who are across in South Sudan. This people they are demanding food, she urged.

Marry Ajok not real name came back from Lamwo District, she was not allowed by her land lord to access her residence because she has been away from her home for a month, the landlord wanted to know if she is among the sex worker from Elegu boarder point along Uganda-South Sudan.

James Nabbison Kidega the District Residence Commissioner could not hide his happiness on Thursday June 4th 2020 while appearing on MEGA FM, saying yesterday was his happy day when one landlord phoned him that there is a lady who is renting his house, but she reappear from nowhere. But claiming that she is from Lamwo District, he wanted to know whether she is not deceiving him.

The RDC Lamwo says in order to calm down the landlord he told him that most of the people who asked for travel document from his office, he gave them travelling document or those who asked him through phone called they always past order.

Adding that when the landlord check on these detail, he did not ring back to him, it means that he has confirmed the information are collaborated to his claim.

“A boy say to the woman welcome back home, first wash your hand and let me inform my father.” Kidega James reiterates that the incidence show no stranger shall never be allow in any homestead.

The RDC argues that apart from COVID-19 the society are facing many front including domestic violent, for example two people have been killed, a woman from Ogili Sub County  who starved her husband five times. We have registered two cases of homicide.

Kidega James insists that Lamwo district is hosting 150,000 refugees and about 2000 people they are planting Sugarcane in Lamwo district besides having pours boarder.

He blame some other district official especially the In-Charge of Madi Opeyi Sub County police officer who was arrested when we got him allowing 7 people in one taxi without putting on mask.

“Yesterday we discovered three people who sneaked into Uganda from South Sudan, we have been informed by the community, and this show the level of commitment in society, we are going to smoke them out.” Kidega urged.

The RDC says he has requested for drone to monitor the porous border. We are asking UPDF to help using drone, at the moment we are using vigilantes of which they have intercepting 135 people who we have put them in quarantine.

Kidega says although Lamwo district is among the 40 districts in the country that has been put on hold, they are very happy because the community say they lock down of Lamwo should remain. Citing a case if somebody boarded a bus purported to stop in Gulu, but his intention is to travel to Lamwo district.

But when he reach Palenga and disembark out of the bus, do you think he can still make his way to Lamwo District?

He warned those who may think that Lamwo district COVID-19 task force is not in place, we have 10 road block not check point, this what we are doing in Lamwo district.

Also, we have medical teams at Lamwo boarder who are carrying out voluntary testing some people who are entering the country, says Lamwo district has 3 boarder points. But we have closed all these the businesses even those people who are exchanging money, we told them to go Kitgum town.

So far we have tested 280 people who have crossed from South Sudan but their results are negative, but insists that the people who passed through Lamwo are more than 300 people.

“I am requesting our people who are sleeping in their house during the lock down, let them go for farming, we have some people who are sleeping with tent in their farm here in Lamwo district, let work there some people who are pitching camp in the farm.” Kidega James concluded.



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