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Ugandans from the month of January 2020, will begin to track the last footmarks of the late St. Janani Luwum from Kampala, the journey will start at former Nile Mansion in Kampala up to Mucwini Wii Gweng, Kitgum district where the late St Janani Luwum was laid to rest.


Dr. Olars Otunnu in the meddle being directed for a seat is heading the last foormarks of St Janani Loum

GULU-UGNADA:  Former UN Ambassador Dr. Olara Otunnu unveiled the plan to trace the last footmarks of the late St Janani Luwum, the Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Boga Zaire which was murdered by Ugandan tyrant President Idi Amin in 1977.

Dr. Otunnu on Sunday 20th 10/2019 addressed the congregation at Christ Church in Gulu and said the program to celebrate the martyrdom of St. Janani Luwum has already begun by the Church of Uganda.

“We want to trace the footmark of Janani Loum after he was summoned by Idi Amin at Nile Mansion now Serena Hotel,” Otunnu said “We want Christians to begin to mark the celebration of his martyrdom.”

Janani Loum was slain by Idi Amin on February 16th 1977 alleged by Idi Amin of plotting a coup with the late internal Affair Minister Eronayo Oryema and Defense Minister Lt Col Oboth Opundi.

Otunnu said the quest for the last footmarks of   the fallen Janani Luwum will move from Nile Mansion to Nakasero former state Lodge where he was taken in the night of Feb 16, 1977 before he was slain, from Nakasero.

Otunnu said the pilgrims will move from Kampala to Bombo road where his body was moved through before his final rest in Kitgum at Mucwini Wii Gweng.

Dr. Otunnu asked the Christians in Northern Uganda to register with Christ Church for those who are interested in the foot pilgrimage, and asks even some Christians from Kitgum Dioceses to join the christen activity.

“I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Alex Bwongamio Okello, the PS from President Office who is the organizer from Kampala at President Office is here with us. He will assist the movement of the pilgrimage.” Dr. Olara Otunnu reiterates.

Dr. Olara Otunnu argued pilgrims from Kampala to register with Namirembe Arch Diocese in Kampala.

The pilgrims will take a month of trekking from the 15th January 220 to 15 February 2020. Several stop over will take place including Kitgum town before they finally reach Wii-Gweng village the birth place of Loum where the main celebration will take place.

“For the matter of clarity, Janani Loum body was sealed in coffin, as the soldiers dug the grave, the area was stones and having got tired, they abandoned the coffin in the church” Otunu narrated.

“His body was first taken to Madi Opei barrack and later the soldiers’ brought hi to Mucwini” he said “The relatives opened the coffin and found bullet shot through his moth and chest.” Otunnu added.


Otunnu said when the world learnt of Janani Loum murder, he was to be buried in Namirembe Cathedral and then the Late Bishop Kivengyire while preaching at the burial Amin sent his mercenaries to arrest the Bishop but he fled to Kenya.

In Nairobi, over 10,000 had gathered for memorial service while in Kapala, about 4500 mourned him at the Memorial prayer in Namirembe.

Idi Amin, a Muslim President had used his leadership to persecute the Christians in 1970s.


Bishop James Hannington at the time approached Buganda Kingdom from east to preach the gospel but unknown to him; there was a belief in Buganda that their enemies would approach the Kingdom from the east.

On 3rd June 1886, King Mwanga ordered for the killing of 26 Christians who were martyred at Namugongo.

Bishop James Hannington, the first Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Province was among the early martyrs in Uganda persecuted by King Mwanga of Buganda Kingdom.

Hannington was murdered in Busoga by Mwanga on 29th June 1886. Kabaka would order Christians to walk while singing hymns to meet their death.

Bystanders were inspired by this courageous death for Christ Jesus, thus inspiring many to convert to Christianity.

The Martyrdom had left the indelible impression that Christianity was truly entirely African but not a Whiteman religion.

Uganda has set every 3rd June as an annual event in celebrations of the life of the early martyrs of Namugongo.

In 2005, the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni declared 16th February of a year as a public Holiday in commemoration of the life of Saint Janani Loum.

Two years of his death, Church of Canterbury in England canonizes Janani Loum as great martyr.

Janani Loum joined yet another historic Martyrs Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa who were murdered on 20th October 1918 in Wipolo in Paimol Agago district.

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