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Donor come in to support COVID-19 pandemic as case 57 cases more 6 cases on positive people are on the way from Elegu Uganda-South Sudan boarder point





Mimi Otitinger a co-founder and head of education child care Uganda donates 400 kilograms of maize flour to Gulu District covid-19 task force, she directed the Gulu District covid-19 task force to distributes the maize flour to the victims of Gender Base Violence, Children with disability in Gulu Municipality and Gulu District.


”seeing children dying of hunger while others are eating and throwing food in a dust bin is a taboo in every culture” quoted Mimi


GULU-UGANDA: The Co-Founder and head of Education Child Care Uganda Ms. Mini O’ttinger has donated food item worth 400 KG  to Gulu task force  covid-19,  says many peoples have lost their job, and this has contributed to increase in Gender Base and Domestic Violence hence  bread winners failed to providing the basics needs to the family.

O’’ttinger gave 400 kilograms of maize flour says her contribution should be directed to victims of Gender Base Violence and children with disability in Gulu municipality and district


Major Santos Okot Lapolo Resident District Commissioner Gulu who double as chairperson Gulu district COVID-19 task force on receiving the donation assured Mimi Ottinger the co-founder of Child Care Uganda and head of education that their contribution will reach the rightful categories of peoples as directed by Child Care Uganda.

Major Okot Lapolo appreciated the Child Care and advised the peoples to engage in Agricultural activities as the rains resumed reliably.

Lapolo added that fighting corona needs strong body immense system. Your body immune system can be boosted through eating of local foods stuff and fruit as much as possible and emphasized on social distancing, hand washing and constant wearing of face mask while in public places.

Later on, he handed over the 400 kilograms of maize flour to Gulu District covid -19 task force resource moralization committee headed by chairman LCV Hon Ojara Martin Mapenduzi.

Ojara while receiving 400 kilograms of Maize Flour says the donation came in time and will be channel to the  exact categories of peoples affected  and left venerable as result of COVID-19 lock down within Municipality and Aswa constituency areas

“We call for more donation due to overwhelming numbers of venerable women who are storming our offices for foods,

I cautioned, people on their aggressiveness when knocking our office for food.”



















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