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By Christopher Nyeko


East or West, home is best. It contrary to COVID-19 the first Uganda truck drivers, the first case which has been admitted to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, due to trauma he decided to remain in Gulu City after he has been discharged, declared COVID-19 a free man


GULU-UGANDA: Dr. Joyce Morika Kaducu state minister of Health for General Duty on 21st May 2020 sent off the first patient of COVID-19 admitted in GULU Regional Referral Hospital on 60 days ago. The truck drivers was first put in institutional quarantine then later was found positive with COVID-19 pandemic, explained the Director of GUU Regional Referral Hospital Dr. James Elima.

The State Minister Dr.Morika Kaducu argues that Uganda have a total figures almost coming to 300,the high numbers are from the truck drivers, so far we have discharged 66 cases including one we are discharging today Thursday May 21st 2020.


“I appreciated the physicians and medics from Gulu Regional Referral Hospital for showing to the world that they can do with the little resources we have at hand, .ever since the pandemic broke into the country no medics from Gulu Regional Referral Hospital was taken outside Uganda for training on how to handle covid-19.   But Gulu had handled the case with a lot of professionalism and passionate. The war has just began we are all at the front line, no needs for relaxations”. Dr. Morika Kaducu warns.


She explained that 80 percent of the cases admitted in Uganda were on mile condition, only 5 percent was on moderates. The  continued and reveals  that before the 10th  of June 2020 all the Regional Hospital will be equips with capacity that can manage hard conditions.


The State Minister confirmed those Ugandans that has been affected are within the ranges of 35 years old, says on average are the one recovering very fast as their body immune system are still strong and advised peoples to feed on balance diets and do constant exercise so that their body can stand a chance of fighting covid-19 without getting more complication.


Dr. Morika Kaducu warns Uganda and advised them especially the community to considered the other illnesses and seek for it medication not only covid-19. She noted that many lives have been lost during covid-19 during this lock down as many peoples ten and shun hospitals in fearing to contract the corona virus.


The State Minister Dr. Joyce Morika Kaducu cautioned the peoples on the use of medical face mask, says some of these mask are meant for the medics and it way of disposing it is technical .when we take it lightly the environment may get desegregated as a result of mask disposal, referring to the used Polelthen bags that have caused environmental degradation, she warns.



Dr. Morika Kaducu requested the community to continue putting on the local made mask as government are still producing the standard ones.  While   she concluded by applauding the cultural leader religious, political leaders, medics and security for implementing the presidential directives


“The covid-19 has got no political boundary, religion, political party, or tribal line. So, fighting it need joint hand at this time peoples should not relax because when we are relax we will loss the fight…” Dr. Morika Kaducu jockly admitted.




The Director Gulu Regional Referral Dr. James Elima While discharging the patients Hospital  says though our first patient have  recovered but he had  a lot of fear from the community as many who have recovered from different epidemics and pandemic are undergoing stigmatization from the community.


He c that the 41 years old patients has been going through psyco- social support .


Dr  Elima appreciated the ministry of health  for giving the ambulance to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital but he cried that the ambulance given is weak and now it has broken down. he appreciated the Gulu university for rendering consultancy support to both the Gulu district covid-19 task force and and GRRH  Gulu. We need digonistic tool and different laboratory that can keep the medics away associating with others


Ojara Martin Mapenduzi  LCV Gulu district said Gulu district is in a strategic position with six entry points and six exits routes this make Gulu to receive a lot of peoples from the other districts and  countries such as south Sudan  democratic republic of Congo and Kenya and GRRH is serving the entire Northerner Uganda


Ojara urged the MOH and the government to treat Gulu Regional Referral Hospital differently than any other Referral hospital in the country. Gulu municipality is turning in to a city status on the 1st of July 2020, it is a mandatory for the Regional Hospital to turn in to National Hospital we have the plan to relocate Gulu clinical school to allow expansion of GRRH


He appreciated the ministry of health and government of Uganda for considering request for up-gradation of multi-functional Laboratory at Gulu University


“As Gulu district covid-19 task force we have fairly had managed the institutional quarantine center, they still needs and deeds for logistical support ..” Ojara added.



Maj. Okot Santos Lapolo Resident District Commissioner RDC Gulu district said local are vigilant, resilience interrogatives on any unknown person in their community that has eased the work of the law implementer in Gulu district and Municipality.


“The team spirits which was exhibited between the security medics and local has so far indicated that Gulu is willingly fighting corona .”


RDC Lapolo urged that as we discharge the first case we also received 20 tonns of posh and 10 tonn of beans which is going to the vulnerable community in Gulu district he continued that the urgent need now is face mask and begged the government to hurry with mask so that peoples can put on it to keep them save








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