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National Unity Party made inroad in Northern Uganda as Democratic Party DP hold delegate conference in Gulu, National Resistance Movement on receiving hand


There was jubilation dance and cry for joy at National Unity Platform (NUP), office in Pece Mathew Okwera road IN Gulu City welcoming National Resistance Movement (NRM) stalwart defector.

GULU CITY: Linda Jadwiga Northern Uganda President of National Unity Platform Party during the press conference held in Gulu City paraded former NRM for Aruu in Pader District a billionaire Charles Ochora who crossed to National Unity Platform.

Ms. Linda Jadwiga announced that NUP have received overwhelming support since they opened NUP office two week ago, says in Gulu alone we have got over 200, people who have turned up to pick NUP form for nomination, and Lango Sub Region over 300 candidates.

She revealed that NUP has embarked on the deliberation following the establishment of the regional office in Gulu City in concentrated effort with sub regional office to pitch regional participation,.

“Today we give update on the milestones so far reached and immediate call to action. We have successfully concluded the vetting of candidates for all elective levels with very minimal incidents, if at all, congratulation.”

Adding that today we have carry out an inaugural unveil of some of the official NUP flag bearer in Northern Uganda which will be followed by series of regional unveils for all level, she urged.

A billonier NRM defector  Charles Ochora disclosed during the press briefing that he crossed to NUP because he was not looking for job in NRM when he stood as NRM flag bearer in Pader South, neither his crossing to NUP is not to look for job, but to liberate his people.

“I did joined politics as part of looking for job, but to serve my people who have been marginalizes for over 40 years in Museveni’s oligarchy rule. I came to liberate the people of Pader, because the NRM party used money to buy poor people just to let them amass wealth.” Billionaire Ochora warns.

Caesar Lubangakene, the former Humanitarian working in South Sudan, former US based academia, former Lecture for Uganda Christian University (UCU), who is standing for Gulu City East MP, did not turn up for declaring his candidature today.

But promised Oyeng Yeng News that he will unveil his candidature soon before the nomination later.

Ms. Linda Jadwiga condemns the ruling party NRM for arresting 8 of their supporter including the Western Regional President among other who has been arrested by UPDF and Uganda Police Forces.

Says they have house of shame and house of fame, so they will keep publishing the names of the security personnel who keep on following them or arrested them, she told the Northern Uganda M ember of Journalists.

“We give full reassurance with confidence and without any reservation to all NUP supporters and Ugandans that are concerned about the state of affairs with regard to NUP, the presidency, the electoral process marred by propaganda and baseless numerous allegation that we are in full control with our eyes on the price driven by the reality of People Power and resolve.






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