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Amuru Resident District Commissioner, Odong Latek, recently released a statement thus:

GULU CITY-12,2/2024

“Be informed that I shall be out of office effective 12th February 2024 on an annual leave planned for 30 working days. In my absence the Deputy RDC Ms. Acham Proscovia shall be in-charge and can be reached on 0776967963, please render her all assistance needed.

“In emergencies, I can be reached on email maclatek@gmail.com or telephone 0772425425, thank you.”
The Black Star News Desk investigative teams have dug information that the so called “annual leave” is a euphemistic way of expressing a permanent exit from Amuru District as demanded by some Acholi politicians.
RDC Odong Latek is no stranger to controversies. On January 26, 2024, he rushed to announce that the deceased Amuru Ag. District Veterinary Officer, Dr. Samuel Ochora died of a gunshot wound inflicted by a gun inadvertently fired from an escort soldier. In a strange pathologist report, if indeed the fallen doctor died of a gunshot, then the bullet might have ricocheted and exited through the same hole of entry.

During the burial of the deceased Dr. Samuel Ochora at Alokolum Kirombe, February 3, 2024, several politicians expressed the wish to have RDC Odong Latek in jail or at least out of Amuru District for releasing a reckless statement about the death of the fallen doctor.

During the burial, Kilak South legislator, Gilbert Olanya expressed the wish to forcefully throw the RDC out of his constituency should the appointing authority not cause his confinement or exit from the district. MP Olanya demanded thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to the death of the veterinarian. MP Gilbert Olanya further demanded incarceration of Deputy District Internal Security Officer, Julius Mande and the District Police Commander, Joseph Nsabimana as investigation into the death of the veterinarian goes on. The duo were allegedly in the same vehicle in which the veterinarian was killed and known to be concealing information and therefore suspects in the case.

Several politicians from Acholi including legislators who spoke soon after the burial of the veterinarian, Peter Okot, Aol Betty Ochan, and Amos Okot supported MP Gilbert Olanya’s position. The same sentiments were also echoed by Amuru District Chairman, Michael Lakony, and Omoro District Chairman, Peter Douglas Okao.
Meanwhile the President’s brother, Gen. Salim Saleh of the so called Operation Wealth Creation is known to have washed his hands off the killing, saying RDC Odong Latek should carry his own cross after making the premature and reckless statement about the death of the fallen doctor.

The veterinarian’s killing comes in the backdrop of a controversial eviction of the Balaalo nomadic cattle keepers from Acholi sub-region where the veterinarian was allegedly expected to utter false documents and accept bribes to stay the evictions. The doctor, a staunch Born Again Christian had reportedly resisted all corrupt tendencies courting trouble for himself.

The army generals are said to back up the Balaalo stay in Acholi sub-region despite an executive order they should leave the region.

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