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The end of road

 The week when America lost her Constitutionalism norms as President Trump was Acquitted out of fear

Livingstone Okumu Langol

The decline of the white supremacy in America began with ascension of President Barack Obama, a black President whose origin traces back to Kenya into the white house.


Trump has made it again

The conservative society of the white majority rulers never came to the fact that one time an African -American will ever be president of America. However, we have seen how the aftermath of President Obama would evolved into bloodshed to the contemptuous outbursts of American guns shooting what the world is witnessing today in the USA streets, even from judicious and subtle warning when Obama took over the Whitehouse this author pinned it down at that President Obama was not going to be assassinated in the first leg, but would be in the second term, unless he takes care of that.

“But, President Trump egos never see beyond that if there would be war against African American, but now that war we are seeing the American shooting of African American.”  Author alluded.

What we have finally the world witnessing, seen how the authority of a would-be Trump. From the worried of Barack Obama “The Luo” last chief administration alarmed declaration to free American from Social Health Obama care was called upon, the failure of Trump administration has predict impending cataclysm, what was initially a current of skepticism American progress ended in a wave of Trump crossing from Western power to Eastern power,

“What lesson learned from the fall of USSR and now USA will follow.”

The American politics of intricate of the mass society outlook, such as we know it today, was to be born directly from it. The kind of pessimism the world is concerned with here is fundamentally, which can be called anthropological. It derives man’s misery from his own nature.



Additional reporting by Mzee Ocaya pOcure

According to Washington post 05/February 2020, Republicans Admit They Acquitted Trump out of Fear. Well, I think the American politics is no longer exceptional as they always pride of it, but as soon as the US Dollar’s infamous billionaires became the President with even billions of lies in his tweets without the clearly official presidential communication norms.

One has again clearly known that, the American politics and politicians have descended to the banana republic whereby they are not seeing their own Emperor (President Donald Trump) walking dry naked and none amongst the GOP male dominated in both Senate and Congress cannot dare tell that their President is wrong with only a single Senator Mitt Romney.

Under the US Dollar’s billionaire politics, the much ululated the ‘American Constitutionalism’ has been shredded into pieces by the same male dominated GOP leaders.

The over and ever valued and, or again ululated Impeachment document with songs about the founder’s political statesmen had manufactured quite purely Constitutional norms of checks and balances has been torpedoed by the US Dollar’s President, Donald Trump in the name of cleansing the White House off African American Obama’s political legacy by this White male chauvinism whose political doctrine does not exist, but only have been just anti – Obama. Trump, made the GOP, male dominated chauvinist even made the US Impeachment and document against Trump became joke!

SORRY, please folks of good will the world over forget the old aura and aroma of America, we used to smell through the political windows, chimneys of the Western World under American leadership and her cahoots are no more, because President Trump has become a King of America. Yeah such old aura, I think had evaporated but, though it had even begun to wane.

Sadly, it had caused some big political chaos in Moscow for nothing. The unfortunate thing, is that it made the likes of Eduard Ambroslyevich Shevardnadze, the last USSR Foreign Minister, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev the last USSR Presidents, and, or Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin who might have taken some doses of Vodka which made them not know what to do, which made it possible for Berlin wall to come down in November 1989 without any better political plans for the future.

Frankly, the week that was, has shown us that Americans had lost the value of check and balances as far as constitutionalism norms under the politics of impeachment document and their politics of exceptionalism.

On the other note, it seems the US Democrats are going to make history again by electing a Gay Presidential Candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg as they made on the runners up of the 2008 general election by make Barack Hussein Obama, an African American to be the first US President. Ciao America!


Mzee Ocaya pOcure is a political commentator





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