Uganda education has been commercialized; all government headed education institutions they are borrowing corrupt system from the private headed schools which has been created just for money making, there are outright seating examination, political pundit observed.





GULU-UGANDA: For the students who study during the hay day, in the 1950 to 1970s it is a taboo for seating examination, but this day there is open stealing of exams across the education sector.

Why, this is because the Uganda Teacher’s College which is the backbone of imparting knowledge through a well skillful drilling are admitting school dropout, education reject, educationist commented.

More will come in the next edition.

According Komakech Ford, one of the social experts in Gulu City Northern Uganda blame the poor performance of education on the founding body, mostly the Anglican Church Missionary schools founded body

Komakech argues that first of all, it is clear that alongside the Catholic schools in the dire bottom of “grade” performance are also all Anglican and Protestant church founded schools, and Government aided Schools as well.

He adds that means the performance trajectory is more complex. Yet the private schools are better and yet they run as businesses.

While other church and government founded or aided Schools run education within the moral landscape of Character, Virtues and Spiritual holistic person.

For example he says here are the issues: Business versus Moral Education, Komakech reasoned.

Why Business oriented education and private schools are winning is because they have understood the transformation in the current global Education, while government and churches have not, he notes

“In the Neo-liberals cape, education is a corporation like many corporation s. In other words, we are in a Corporate Education. But what do we mean?” Komakech urged.

Komakech says briefly, a Corporation’s mentality is not moral but; business, excellence (products that have high turnovers and market-able. This is measured by the “grades” like “products” within the logic of market).

So, we live in a Neo-liberal regime where education and excellence are market- graded using market interest indices -based exams. You pass well these exams; you are “employable” no matter your attitude towards humanity.

You fail these market exams, you become “unemployable”, regardless of your moral good standing. This Contrapuntal is the critical point to mobilize and intensify.

The Churches are simply resisting this Neo-liberalscape and so, they are not reporting good “grades”. My good friend Aliker Martin should have understood this transformation in the Education.

Gulu Archdiocese is in this multiplexity continuum like all the Churches. The competition may begin: whether the Church Moralscape and Conviviality of Education will sustainably outlive the Education Corporation. That I pray for. Daniel Komakech Cox. Gulu University

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