UGANDA: UGANDA minister for Presidency refutes that Gen. Ivan Koreta is not among those who raided Isolation COVID-19 center

Gen. Ivan not sick with COVID -19 pendamic

ΠdGULU -UGANDA.  Esther Mbayo on Thursday April 2,2020 says Gen.  Ivan Koreta is not sick with COVID-19 pendimic  says the UPDF  is in good health,  that was misinformation, no any government ministers was involved in taking their people from the isolation centre.

“Did you not wash on Television news Sarah Openydi State Minister for Mineral  Developments,.” Minister for Presidency dismisses

Therefore , the management of Oyengyeng News Publications  says the misinformed their esteem readers about Gen. Ivan Koreta and his family,  for the damaged cause.

However,  Oyengyeng  News reporter said the news was  from Hon..  Norbert Map who appeared on NBS TV  Thursday evening frontier,  but we apologies because we failed to confirmed from  Gen.  Ivan Koreta

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